Statement came from 5 banks! Banks announced that they will pay 23000 TL to citizens according to their TR ID number!

It has been announced that a consumer loan campaign up to 23000 TL will be made according to your TR identity number through 5 banks. After the applications to be made through your Tc Identity number, you will also make your inquiries through your identity numbers and you will be able to use a loan up to 23000 TL quickly through the bank. The banks that will provide loan services to citizens who will receive loans after these applications to be made through your TR Identity Number are listed below.


Citizens, who will make their applications through Akbank, can participate in the loan campaign through Akbank Direkt application, where they can quickly perform their transactions without going to branches if they need cash. You can apply for a 23000 TL consumer loan through the Akbank Direkt application, use a 36-month loan, and deposit payments to your accounts within the same day if you comply with the conditions.


Citizens who will apply for consumer loans through Denizbank can see how many approvals they have received by sending an SMS. If you want to apply for a consumer loan by SMS, write my loan, leave a space, write your TR ID number, leave a space and send this message to 32 80 by typing your date of birth. Citizens who will receive approval after Denizbank applies for consumer loans via SMS can go to the nearest bank branch with their IDs to complete and complete their applications.

Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank

Ziraat Bank Vakifbank Halkbank Citizens who have an account on it immediately get an internet banking password, 23000 TL low interest loan You can apply through mobile applications to participate in the campaign. Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank give results within 5 minutes for citizens who will use consumer loans up to 23000 TL in these campaigns. In order to participate in these loan campaigns, which you can use without proof of income, by visiting the nearest Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank branches, the campaigns that you can do your transactions without going to the branches are only offered to you online. We can say that retired and insured citizens can participate in campaigns and use loans with low interest rates.

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