Statement by Kaan Bosniak on the allegations of ‘violence’: ‘I am the victim’

‘We Talk Face to Face’ The lead singer of the band Kaan Bosniak made a statement regarding the allegations of violence against his wife Başak Ceylan Torun, whom he married in 2020 and is in the process of divorce.

In a statement made by the Bosniak’s lawyer Ayşegül Mermer, ‘Kaan Bosniak is the real victim of physical and psychological violence’ alleged.


In the statement, “We have been informed simultaneously and simultaneously with you about the untrue news and slanders that were reflected in the press and served to the public.” ‘the sensitivity of the public is abused’ and that the Bosnian ‘personal rights and reputation are targeted’ defended.


with Başak Ceylan Torun ‘will be settled in court’ In the statement conveyed, “In this context, our first application with a request for injunction before Bakırköy Family Courts was concluded in our favor, and this is the first indication of our rightness.” it was said.

The statement also “In this process, we find it appropriate to share the necessary information and documents only with the courts, especially in order not to affect the psychological health of our client’s son, therefore we expect the same objective behavior and sensitivity from you, our esteemed members of the press,” words were included.

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