State Supported 5000 TL Payment Will Be Made From Only 2 Banks!

Government-supported loans of 5000 TL are one of the most preferred loan campaigns recently. Especially after the coronavirus epidemic, more applications are made for these loans. Customers who cannot get approval for these loans, which were given up to 10 thousand TL through Ziraat Bank VakıfBank and Halkbank, will also be able to apply for a loan from some banks for a 5000 TL loan. If you receive a loan approval of 5000 TL after applying for a loan, you will be able to use this loan immediately via internet banking or the bank’s ATM. Loan applicants must meet certain conditions. If you have an executive debt before, unfortunately, you cannot approve it. Now, we would like to give you information about which banks you can apply for a government-supported loan of 5000 TL.

Halkbank 5000 TL government-supported loan campaign

Halkbank provides government-supported loans of 5000 TL to people who have a 1-year insurance and regular income, especially to retired and tradesmen. In these loans, the bank will offer you 36 months maturity and 6 months postponement. Interest rates will be almost half of other consumer loan interest rates. When you apply for a loan, if you take it into consideration, the result of the loan will be sent to your mobile phone and in case of approval, you will be able to use your loan at any time without going to the branches. Applications are made through internet banking or at bank branches.

Isbank government-supported 5000 TL loan application

You can also get a loan of 5000 TL through İşbank, one of the publicly supported banks. These government-supported loans are only given to working customers from this bank. If you are working in a long-term workplace and cannot get a loan approval due to a low credit rating, you can apply for a loan of 5000 TL from this bank. Approval status will be evaluated according to your other bank work performance. You can defer the loans you have received for 6 months and immediately transfer this loan to your account. İşbank will offer you a 36-month loan facility.

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