State Supply Office went out to tender for Mercedes’ 10 million lira luxury vehicle. Who are you taking?

The General Directorate of State Supply Office, No. 1 Purchasing Department, went out to tender to purchase 1 Mercedes-Benz S 400 D 4matic L Inspiration last month.

Optional equipment has also been added to the car with a market value of 10 million TL. It was also a matter of curiosity who would drive such an expensive and luxurious vehicle today, when the minimum wage citizen is expected to live on 8 thousand 500 liras.


According to the news signed by Bora Erdin from Cumhuriyet Some of the luxuries in the car with a market value of 10 million TL include optional neck heating, massage, virtual display, voice command, OLED screen, entertainment system, refrigerator, leather upholstery, polished wood glove box.


While wondering who will drive the vehicle, two new Mercedes S-600 Guard models entered the Presidency inventory last year.

With the “Exclusive Package”, new features are added, from security to sound system. These features include a refrigerator, wireless headphones, diamond-shaped leather upholstery, and a roadside assistance computer. The model, which has a 3000 cc diesel engine, has neck heating and massage features in the rear seats.