Spice Girls member Mel C: I was sexually harassed in Istanbul

Mel C., a member of the popular pop group Spice Girls of the 90s, announced that she was sexually harassed while getting a massage at the hotel they were staying before their concert in Istanbul in 1997.

Photo: Instagram

New to be published ‘Who am I’ Speaking to a podcast broadcast to promote his autobiography (Who I Am), Mel C said that he booked a massage at the hotel the night before the Istanbul concerts and was harassed by the masseur: “I felt violated, I felt very vulnerable, embarrassed and insecure. I didn’t want to make it big, but I also didn’t have time to get over it.”

Spice Girls

Stating that he wants to talk about this issue now, Mel C. continued as follows: “Since I didn’t come to terms with it then, I realized that I had buried it for many years. While I was writing the book, I dreamed of the event one night. I woke up and my mind was on this event. ‘Oh my god, I didn’t even think to talk about this in the book’ I thought. Then of course I had to worry. ‘Do I want to disclose this event?’ And then I thought, it’s really important for me to say this, finally come to terms with it and realize it. And it is the same for others.”