Sony is taking a quick step into the automobile industry!

The technology world has been waiting for a car signed by Apple for many years. Although many claims have been made on this subject so far, unfortunately, we have not seen any concrete development. While Apple Car has become a question mark, Sony is preparing to appear as a new automaker.

Joint car from Sony and Honda: Afeela

The Japanese manufacturer introduced its new electric car with the CES 2023 event held recently. Developed jointly with Honda and called Afeela, the new brand plans to launch its first model on the roads in 2026. So what does this mean for the ongoing electric and digital transformation of the auto industry? Sony seems to have found a good answer to this.

With the new car, it will be possible to access Sony’s own extensive video game and other subscription services. Drivers and passengers will be able to use these services while their vehicles are charging or when fully autonomous driving is active. Of course, for this, autonomous driving technology needs to reach sufficient levels.

The first car of Sony and Honda partnership is introduced!

The first car of Sony and Honda partnership is introduced!

Afeela, the fruit of the Sony and Honda partnership, unveiled its first electric car model at the CES 2023 fair.

The new electric car, which will be produced by Sony Honda Mobility, is expected to be on the market in three years. Expressing that the new electric car will be continuously updated wirelessly, officials also state that they plan to add new features over time. It is also underlined that the update support of the vehicle will be as long as 10 years.

Planning to enter the automobile industry before its partnerships with Honda, Sony introduced the Vision S concept in 2020. In 2022, an SUV concept was also revealed by Sony. We can count the Afeela concept, which was introduced recently, as an evolution of the Vision S.

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With the Afeela brand that emerged with the help of Honda, Sony’s step into the automotive industry has also accelerated. Sony, which has taken important steps in the field of automotive, especially in software and infotainment technologies, may soon become one of the important players in the industry. Especially with a car that will stay up to date for a long time, Sony can fill the industry’s biggest deficiency.

While we’ve been waiting to see a car from a tech giant like Apple for years, Sony from the other side of the world has done it. So what do you think about the new electric car developed by Honda and Sony? You can share your views with us in the comments section.