Social media is talking about these frames… Ukrainian beauty queen got married at the front

Creation Date: December 28, 2022 11:53

The eyes and ears of the world are on the news from Ukraine since February 24… While the war continues to take lives all over the country, striking images came from the front. The wedding of the Ukrainian beauty queen went viral on social media.

World, Queen of Ukraine and Miss World finalist in 2012 Evgenia Prokopenkohe’s talking.

The former beauty queen, who was not indifferent to the months-long war in her country, left her shining life and joined the army.

Continuing his duty in the army, Prokopenko is at the front World entered his house.

The beauty queen, who shared her wedding photos on her social media account, told the British Daily Star about her experiences.

Prokopenko, whose images he shared went viral, said, ‘I speak Russian fluently, but I do not know Putin’s language’ and added; ‘I only have one bullet for him.’

Stating that she is a beauty queen in hell, Prokopenko underlined that she did everything she could to adapt to life at the front.

‘I have nothing to say to him, because we need to act, not talk to Putin,’ Prokopenko said.

Emphasizing that she has lived two opposite lives recently, the beauty queen said;

‘I was dealing with completely different things in civilian life. I had my own business, where my uniform was heels and a business suit. In war, military dress and beret.’

Social media is talking about these frames... Ukrainian beauty queen got married at the front


On the other hand, the US Chief of Staff, General Mike Milley, announced that they estimate that around 100 thousand Russian and about 100 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed or injured in the war in Ukraine.

General Milley said that they evaluated that about 40,000 civilians lost their lives in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This is the highest death or injury estimate ever made by a Western official.

Milley also said the extent of the losses could persuade Moscow and Kiev to sit at the negotiating table.

Speaking in New York, the general said, “It appears that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded. It is possible that the same number will be on the Ukrainian side,” he said.

Neither country is making any statement on military losses.