Social housing statement from Erdogan: “We are laying the first foundation on October 25”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the number of applications for the social housing project ‘My First Home, My First Workplace’ has exceeded 5 million.


Making statements after the cabinet meeting, Erdogan said, “This campaign, whose number of applications has already reached 5 million, will be the largest housing project in Turkey so far. Our nation has shown great interest in our social housing project. We are laying the foundation of the first slice of the project with 5 thousand houses on October 25,” he said.

Within the scope of the project, which applications started on September 14, 500 thousand social housing, 250 thousand residential land and 50 thousand workplaces will be built in 81 provinces and all districts between 2023-28.

It will be possible to own 2 plus 1 houses with a total price of 608 thousand liras, with monthly installments starting from 2 thousand 280 liras, with a maturity of 240 months.

3+1 houses with a price of 850 thousand can be purchased with installments starting from 3 thousand 780 liras, with a maturity of 240 months.

Applications for the project can be made on ​​or through banks until 31 October.

Applications for the Social Housing Project are accepted in 5 categories: “martyr families, terror, war and duty disabled citizens”, “citizens with at least 40 percent disability”, “retired people”, “youth between the ages of 18-30” and “other buyer candidates”. is being done..

For the residences, workplaces and residential lands to be built through TOKİ, those who have resided within the borders of the project province for at least 1 year or are registered to the population of the project province, who do not have a residence registered in the land registry within the borders of the country for themselves, their spouse and their children under their custody, have previously purchased a house through TOKİ. Turkish citizens who have completed the age of 18 can apply.


President Erdoğan announced the new regulation for farmers. Erdoğan stated that the payments of electricity bills can be made at the end of the harvest, not monthly. President Erdoğan said, “I give good news to our farmers. From now on, electricity bills will be paid at the end of the harvest, when the products are sold and income is generated, instead of paying monthly.”