Smartphones that LG will release an update have been announced!

LG, which pulled out of the smartphone industry last year, announced that it will release updates for the devices it has previously released. It is also one of the company’s known models. Android It will take 13. Here are the models that received the LG update!

LG Velvet Good news for Android 13!

LG, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers a few years ago, announced that it was withdrawing from the sector in 2021 due to the decline of its dominance in the market. However, the company, which stopped production, promised to release updates for its latest models.

Now, keeping its word, LG, published on its website, blog announced the calendar for 2023 with his post. If we look at the information, the Android 13 update will be released for LG Velvet, which was released in the middle of 2020, in the first months of next year.

Bad news from Xiaomi!  Update support for four models is over

Bad news from Xiaomi! Update support for four models is over

Xiaomi has updated the EOS list, which focuses on the models whose update support has ended. In this context, the road has come to an end for four models.

In addition, LG Wing, which is one of the latest models of the company, LG Q61, For LG Q92 5G and LG Q52 5G, a security update will be released in the first quarter of 2023. It is thought that the company will also offer a secure update for other popular smartphones next year.

LG has promised a three-year update in 2021, and that commitment includes 3 OS updates for the flagship models the company released in 2019. Therefore, the LG V60 ThinQ model is also expected to receive an update in 2023.

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An Android 13 update is also expected for LG Wing, which the company released after LG Velvet. The model in question is not currently on the shared first quarter list, but it is expected to receive an update in the second quarter of next year.

LG will not release any updates after 2023 unless there is a sudden change of decision. Because the company’s commitment expires next year.

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