Singer Berkay’s eventful night: He escaped from the police, his license was confiscated

Berkay was at a party with his wife Özlem Ada Şahin the night before. On the way back, the couple got stuck in the traffic jam in Maslak. Allegedly; Berkay, who got behind the wheel drunk and resisted not blowing on the accelerometer, was able to advance 50 meters even though he tried to escape. The license of the singer, who was stopped by the police teams, was confiscated.


Another claim about Berkay, who is alleged to have been banned from traffic for 2 years, is that he caused an incident. It is said that the singer’s friends came to the scene and argued with the police officers and the footage of those moments is in the Police Department. While Berkay and his wife were returning home in a different vehicle, the singer’s vehicle was taken to the parking lot with a tow truck.


Former football player Arda Turan had a fight with singer Berkay Şahin in a place in Istanbul Emirgan while he was playing in Başakşehir. Berkay claimed that Arda was molesting his wife. The incident, where Arda headbutted Berkay, continued in the hospital. Turan, who went with a gun to the hospital where Berkay Şahin was hospitalized, fired one shot.

Berkay Şahin said that the only thing Arda had to do was apologize and said, “If he admits what he did and apologizes, I will not have any other demands. He will admit his rudeness. I do not want anything material or spiritual. I will withdraw from the case,” he said. It was alleged that Arda Turan harassed Berkay’s wife, Özlem Şahin, with the words “I wouldn’t have kidnapped you if I wasn’t married, you’re a very beautiful girl”.

In the indictment, Arda Turan was charged with “Sexual harassment”, “Deliberate injury”, “Firing with a weapon in a manner that may cause fear, anxiety or panic”, “Buying or carrying or possessing bullets with unlicensed firearms” from 3 years 3 months to 12 years 6 months. prison sentence was sought. A prison sentence of 3 months to 2 years was demanded for Berkay Şahin for the crime of “insult”.