Shocking allegations about the famous stockbroker! How did the 20 million company reach 7 billion value?

It is alleged that he made manipulations in the background in the Stock Exchange. Nihat OzcelikCMB Chairman Ali Fuat TaşkesenliogluHe lived his golden age when he was the president for 4 years. Sister of CMB Chairman Taşkesenlioğlu Zehra Taskesenlioglu married to Prof. Dr. It was claimed that Nihat Özçelik, who was alleged to be a secret partner with Ünsal Ban, made public offerings of 13 companies during this period. It was claimed that Nihat Özçelik, whose photos were taken at Ünsal Ban’s wedding, made many illegal transactions in the stock market during this period.


While Ünsal Ban and Nihat Özçelik met in 2014, their common point is Verusa Holding. The culmination of the business relations of Nihat Özçelik, who is shown as the secret owner of Verusa, and Ünsal Ban, who was a partner and a board member in Verusa in the past, is the culmination of Ban’s brother-in-law Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu, who was appointed as the CMB Chairman in April 2018. annual presidential term.

Nihat Özçelik obtained permission to publicly offer 13 companies belonging to Verusa Group, including Kafein Yazılım, Smartiks Yazılım, Papilon Security Systems, ARD Group Bilişim companies in this 4-year period. The fact that 97 percent of Smartiks Yazılım, 75 percent of Kafein Yazılım and 70 percent of Papilon, which is one of the public offering companies, are traded in the stock market brings to mind the question of why almost all of the shares of the profitable companies are in the hands of small investors. Stock market experts interpret this as manipulation.


After Ünsal Ban, who grew up with Nihat Özçelik, who is claimed to be the biggest manipulator of the stock market, fell into a conflict of interest with Ak Party member Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu and her husband’s older brother Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu, the protection walls of Ünsal Ban collapsed with her marriage.


Many past accusations and allegations against Ünsal Ban and Nihat Özçelik are coming back.

Future Party member Selçuk Özdağ made corrupt allegations regarding the former rector of THK University, Ünsal Ban, who was in the process of divorce with AK Party Erzurum Deputy Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu and was arrested after the video released by Sedat Peker. Ünsal Ban, who was the rector of the University of the Turkish Aeronautical Association for five years, claimed that he used THK planes for his private works, which he said could not be used in a fire.

Nihat Özçelik, who was detained in 2009 in the operation carried out by the police on the allegation that they gained unfair profit by manipulating the shares in the Istanbul Stock Exchange, was added to the list of banned in the stock exchange at that time. It is alleged that Nihat Özçelik, after this date, put himself in the background and made transactions with secret accounts. Another allegation is that Özçelik, who is alleged to use depository accounts on the stock exchange, also played a role in the manipulation of 50 companies traded on the ISE.


It is stated that one of the biggest works of Nihat Özçelik is PAMEL company. Özçelik’s paper empire Investco Verusa buys PAMEL for 21 million TL. The value of PAMEL has increased 500 times in a year and a half to reach 7 billion TL. It is not known whether God touches PAMEL, but the fact that Vertu, Verus, Investco, which are intertwined like a matryoshka, created a balance sheet bubble when the shares rose from 50 cents to 250 TL.


Lastly, about the stockbroker Nihat Özçelik, his former employee Sibel İ. An indictment was filed against the woman named ‘Qualified Sexual Assault’, ‘Sexual Detention’, ‘Injury’ and ‘Threatened’, demanding a prison sentence of 14 years, 10 months to 28 years. Upon the complaint of Nihat Özçelik, who will appear before the judge in the high criminal court, Sibel İ. A lawsuit was filed against him for blackmail, demanding a prison sentence of up to 3 years.