SHOCK October 1, 2022 Current Product Discounts Will Be Slammed!

ŞOK continues to sell budget-friendly products in thousands of chain stores across the country. Aiming at customer satisfaction with affordable and discounted products, ŞOK’s current products that will be on sale as of October 1 have been announced. The announced list includes many products such as food bowl, blow dryer, Android TV Box, smart IP camera, electric skateboard and precision scale.

Shock Discount Products

According to the catalog announced by ŞOK, the list of current products that will meet with customers as of October 1 is as follows:

Half-Lid Cat Toilet & Paddle: 89.95 TL
Dog Food / Water Bowl: 13.95 TL
Food / Water Bowl: 9.99 TL
Cat Food & Water Container: 12.95 TL
Reserve Food / Water Container: 49.95 TL
Greenhouse Drawstring Cat Litter Bag 7 pcs: 13.50 TL
Fluff Collector with Chamber: 49.95 TL
Odorless Ashtray: 4.99 TL
Drawer Organizer: 27.95 TL
4-Compartment Cabinet Organizer: 44.95 TL
Accordion Drawer / Cabinet Organizer 11x22x41 cm: 14.95 TL
Accordion Drawer / Cabinet Organizer 14x15x43 cm: 17.95 TL
GoKidy Toy Pet Set: 59.95 TL
GoKidy Business Tools 3 in: 49.95 TL
Enchantimals Characters: 79.95 TL
Shelf Organizer: 34.95 TL
Multi-Purpose Box with Lid: 39.95 TL
Windowed Maxi Bag: 34.95 TL
Quilted Mini Bag: 24.95 TL
Quilted Maxi Bag: 29.95 TL
Quilted Mega Hurch: 32.95 TL
Ülker Milk / Dark Chocolate 250 gr: 34 TL (Valid for purchases of 25 TL or more)
Clear Shampoo 325 ml: 29 TL (Valid for purchases of 25 TL or more)
SuperFresh Pizza King 780 gr: 48 TL (Valid for purchases of 25 TL or more)

sok 1 october 2022 current catalog 2

bim 4 october 2022 current product catalog

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