Shock Elon Musk! Shareholders approve the sale… They will face each other in court


twittershareholders of the company Elon Musk44 billion to dollar approved the sale.

This decision also means approval to be confronted in court with Musk, who announced that he gave up on buying the company.

The sale was confirmed in a short conference call attended by Twitter investors.

Elon Musk argued that Twitter did not comply with the requirements of the agreement, and false information was given about fake or spam accounts on the platform.

Twitter claims that only 5 percent of daily active users who can see ads are ‘bots’.

The current market value of the social media giant’s shares is around $32 billion.

Twitter management argues that Musk cannot withdraw his $44 billion offer.

Investors’ approval of the sale also means the green light for the company management’s decision to go to court.


The parties will appear in court in the state of Delaware in October.

A judge will decide whether Musk should buy the company at the price he offered.


Musk’s legal team has an important witness in this case.

Pieter Zatko, the company’s former head of cybersecurity, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington.

Claiming that Twitter is 10 years behind in terms of security standards, the former employee claimed that the company misled the public.

Pieter Zatko may also be an important name in Musk’s defense.

The former employee supported the claim that there were more fake or spam accounts than was disclosed on the platform.

Zatko did not go into detail about this issue at the commission session.

However, it was approved by a judge that his statement could be used in the Musk v Twitter case.

Twitter management announced that Zatko’s allegations were false, that he was an employee who was fired from the company.