She was Leonardo DiCaprio’s oldest love… She was replaced by a young beauty: I don’t care, I focus on my daughter


One of Hollywood’s most successful actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been pursuing an award-winning career for many years, is always a matter of curiosity not only with his films but also with his private life. Having many beautiful women in his life, Leo is known for being ‘criminal’ when it comes to romantic relationships, and for letting the women who love him down after a short while. Moreover, those who know why, when Leo’s name is mentioned with a beautiful person, they say “get well soon” to this person from the very beginning… If you are over 25, it means you are too late to be Leo’s love. DiCaprio, who is much younger than himself and has relationships with women younger than 25, has already become a joke in Hollywood.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Don’t Look Up co-star Jennifer Lawrence


Famous comedian Ricky Gervais, who presented the Golden Globe awards ceremony in the past years, gave a funny warning from the stage while talking about the speeches of the award-winning actors during the ceremony; He said that if they don’t act fast and talk long, Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend will get old and Leo will have to leave him. One of the guests who laughed the most at this joke was Leo himself.

DiCaprio, 48, was spotted with 23-year-old actress and model Victoria Lamas in West Hollywood this week, according to photos released this week. Surprising everyone, Leo, who was alleged to be with 27-year-old Gigi Hadid, returned to his routine right after this short-term adventure.

She was Leonardo DiCaprio's oldest love... She was replaced by a young beauty: I don't care, I'm focused on my daughter

Gigi Hadid and her 2-year-old daughter Khai


Some sources say that Leo and Victoria Lamas were not alone and were in a large group when photographed. food He said they were seven, but the rumors were thought to be true when the two got in the same car and disappeared at the end of the night. Victoria, the daughter of famous actor Lorenzo Lamas, was exactly Leo’s type. She is a beautiful blonde and a promising actress and model. She also has a chance to maintain a two-year relationship with Leo, as she is only 23 years old. Let’s see how long this new love story will last.

DiCaprio was with model Camila Morrone before Gigi Hadid and Victoria Lamas. However, the two broke up in August. So exactly one month after Camila’s birthday and she turned 25. Gigi Hadid had a great love with the famous singer Zayn Malik and the couple also had a daughter. They too parted ways in September 2021. Leo and Gigi were first spotted together during New York Fashion Week in September. At first, no one considered this relationship possible because Gigi was also 27 years old, which means she was too old for Leo. She also had children. It is known that DiCaprio does not like women who have children.

She was Leonardo DiCaprio's oldest love... She was replaced by a young beauty: I don't care, I focus on my daughter


These were the details that made a relationship impossible for Leonardo DiCaprio. But the unexpected happened; Leo and Gigi Hadid’s name began to be mentioned together. This relationship would be short-lived, and the two would soon leave and go back to their own lives. Sources saying that DiCaprio and Hadid ‘love each other very much but neither want anything serious right now’ tried to explain that age was not the issue, but this was not very convincing.

She was Leonardo DiCaprio's oldest love... She was replaced by a young beauty: I don't care, I focus on my daughter

The 27-year-old model is raising her 2-year-old daughter, Khai, born to her ex-boyfriend, pop star Zayn Malik. On the other hand, she continues her career. DiCaprio too film he has a busy schedule where he carries out shootings and fast nightlife together. Gigi Hadid’s close circle said, “Gigi doesn’t have the energy to chase after DiCaprio. This fast routine is too much for him,” he says, and attributes the reason for the end of the relationship to this situation. Gigi Hadid also confirms that she is focused on raising her daughter and has no room for such relationship drama in her life. Whatever the real reason, Leo is already back to his old habits.


In October, the two were spotted hanging out at a big Halloween party at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Hadid and DiCaprio were spotted on a dinner date with venture capitalist Vivi Nevo in mid-November after New York fashion week. In those days, sources close to the couple said that the two ‘started to get to know each other’ and that they wanted to slow the relationship down. The couple gets together often, but by doing this in crowded gatherings, the goal is actually surprising. He carefully concealed the moments when they were alone from the press. in October Gigi HadidDiCaprio was also seen on the streets of the city when he went to Italy as part of Milan Fashion Week. But even if the couple tried, they could not carry out this relationship.

She was Leonardo DiCaprio's oldest love... She was replaced by a young beauty: I don't care, I focus on my daughter

Victoria Lamas, 23, said to be Leo’s new love


When the news that Leo has set sail for new love is heard, everyone immediately Victoria Lamas He started searching the internet for his name. The 23-year-old blonde beauty is the daughter of handsome actor Lorenzo Lamas, who was remembered with the legendary TV series Şahin Tepesi. The 64-year-old Lamas’ fourth marriage to former Playboy beauty Shauna Sand, his daughter Victoria, was born in 1999. So let’s explain: Leonardo DiCaprioIt was two years before Victoria Lamas was born when she starred in the movie Titanic that made her a world star. Victoria and Leo left the venue separately after having an ‘intimate’ dinner in Los Angeles last Tuesday night, but then got in the same car and drove away. The paparazzi, who followed the famous actor’s every step, also took a lot of photos of the duo.