She tearfully admitted: I don’t want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband

He adored his own father

Kim Kardashian, who is very close to her own late father Robert Kardashian, thinks she is lucky than her own children in this regard, even though her parents are divorced. “I had the best father, the best memories and the greatest experience. And I will be happy for my children as long as they have it,” said Kim Kardashian, with tears in her eyes and always worried.

Brothers Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian with their father Robert Kardashian

Reality show star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, who recently completed her divorce with Kanye West, which turned into a snake story, seems to have realized in a short time that it is not all about divorce settlement details and wealth sharing. Kardashian, who made candid statements on a podcast she attended, sometimes burst into tears, while describing the difficulties of co-parenting her children with Kanye West, while also confessing her scent about her own future.

She tearfully admitted: I don't want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband


While explaining that she wishes for a relationship similar to her father Robert Kardashian’s for her own children, Kim expressed her concern for her children who are not yet aware of what the world thinks about their parents, and said that trying to raise them with Kanye West was like a nightmare. “Co-parenting with Kanye is so hard”, bursting into tears, saying Kardashian fears that 9-year-old North, 7-year-old Saint, 4-year-old Chicago, and 3-year-old Psalm may be traumatized by Kanye West’s recent insane behavior.

‘The Kardashians’ star Kim Kardashian said she’d be ‘very prepared’ when her children eventually asked questions about their father’s place in society and the bad words he said. Meanwhile, Kim’s children won’t hear the bad words about their father, Kanye West, at least not from their mother. Kim Kardashian said she’s committed to this. However, the fact that her children will hear the truth about their father from the mouths of others already saddens her.

She tearfully admitted: I don't want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband


“One day my children will thank me for sitting here and not getting angry with their father even though I could. I will privately answer anything they want to know. It’s no longer my place to dodge them.” but admits it’s getting harder and harder to keep quiet about West’s headline ‘antics’. Emphasizing that he has always protected Kanye West and that he will continue to protect him as their father in the eyes of his children, Kim said that his children do not know anything about the outside world and he feels like he is at the end of a tightrope.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021 after seven years of marriage. After months of unsuccessful attempts by West to win back his ex-wife, a judge declared the couple legally single in March 2022, even though their divorce proceedings have yet to be finalized. The Kardashian-West couple finalized their divorce on November 29.

She tearfully admitted: I don't want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband

This is how Kanye West appeared on the screen recently, repeating his bad words about the Jews, expressing his admiration for Hitler.


The ex-husband now has ‘equal access’ custody of their four children, and West pays Kardashian $200,000 a month in child support, according to court documents circulated in the American press. But again, according to this divorce settlement, Kim Kardashian will actually be with her children 80 percent of the time, with Kanye West only 20 percent of that time.

A week before their divorce settlement made headlines, Kanye West was accused of showing his former employees obscene photos of his ex-wife Kim, along with pornographic photos and videos. Kanye West has previously talked about his ‘porn addiction’, saying he ‘destroyed’ his family. In an Instagram post he later deleted in September, Kanye West said, “Hollywood is a giant brothel. Pornography destroyed my family. Instagram promoted all of this. I’m dealing with addiction and I’m not going to let that happen to Northy and Chicago.” he said.

She tearfully admitted: I don't want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband


Moreover, Kim Kardashian’s only concern is not about her children. The beautiful star also expressed concern that her future boyfriends would be ‘afraid’ of her ex-husband Kanye West. Saying, “Sometimes, my God, will everyone be afraid of my ex-husband because he is such a man,” Kim said, expressing that she thought it would not be fair to put her ‘innocent’ new lovers in such a situation, and shared her resentment at having to live like this because of Kanye West.

While Kardashian sometimes fears that West’s reputation will intimidate potential suitors, she hasn’t denied that she’s had her “fun times” being single. Kim said, “I don’t know if I will marry again, but even if I don’t get married, I will have a girlfriend that I will be happy with forever. I know this. For now, I’m going to have fun until this happens,” she said.

“What if my future lovers are afraid of KANYE?”

Comedian is the first person Kardashian has been with after breaking up with West Pete Davidsonwas Davidson and Kardashian, who were lovers in October 2021, broke up this August.

She tearfully admitted: I don't want my future lovers to fear my ex-husband

During Kardashian’s affair with 29-year-old Davidson Kanye Westfrequently attacked ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Pete Davidson via social media. In February, the mother of four children Kim Kardashianhas publicly accused his ex-wife, Kanye West, of posting threatening messages about Davidson on the Internet. “Divorce is tough enough for our kids,” Kim said in a statement in the days, adding, “Kanye’s obsession with controlling and manipulating our situation so negatively and overtly only causes more pain for everyone else.” she used her words.