Shamil Tayyar deleted his tweet about Minister Nabati

WALL – AK Party’s MKYK member Shamil Tayyar accused the copywriter of the Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati and said, “The instinctive defense caused by his irrational impulse should be subjected to psychoanalytic examination.”

Tayyar deleted the tweet containing these words in a short time.

Speaking at the ‘Economic Transformation Summit’, the following statements of Nebati were on the agenda because they did not make sense: “The heterodox approach, which represents an epistemological break from the neo-classical economic thought, gains more importance with the influence of fields such as behavioral economics and neuroeconomics, which are increasingly coming to the fore today. We know that there is heterodox literature, especially in America, England, Italy, and Germany. Books are being written.”

Nebati’s words in this direction were also criticized by his party, but; the target was ‘the copywriter’, not himself.

Shamil Tayyar, one of the AK Party MKYK members, drew attention to Nabati’s copywriter on Twitter and wrote: “The text writer is on the agenda rather than our recent Nabati minister. I don’t know who he is, I didn’t ask… But the instinctive defense caused by this author’s irrational impulse should be subjected to psychoanalytic scrutiny.” (NEWS CENTER)