Shahmaran story: Everyone knows except snakes

Şahmeran is one of the most important legends of Anatolia. Now it has come to the fore again with the popular Netflix series from the first day.

Şahmeran has been interpreted by many artists and visualized many times in different techniques. Image: Bright Journal

The Sahmaran series, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz, was released on Netflix yesterday. We will probably talk a lot about Şahmaran in the coming period.

Şahmeran means the head of snakes. It is a combination of ‘Maran’ meaning snake in Persian and ‘Shah’ title given to Iranian or Afghan rulers.

Honestly, if you say Sahmaran or Sahmaran, both are correct. The word Maran became meran when it was translated into Turkish.

Although it is said to take place in different parts of Anatolia, it is mostly mentioned with Tarsus and Mardin.

While snakes live in peace…

Here is the legend in anonymous sources: is told: Thousands of years ago, in Tarsus, there were snakes living seven floors below the ground. These snakes, called Meran, lived in peace. Şahmeran, the queen of the Meran, was a young and beautiful woman.

According to the legend, the first person to see Şahmaran was Cemşab, the son of a poor family who sold wood for his livelihood. Cemşab and his friends discovered a cave full of honey, and his friends, who had taken Cemşab down to extract the honey, left it there to get more honey for their share and fled.

Jamshab noticed the light leaking from a hole in the cave. From here he entered a garden as beautiful as he had ever seen in his life. He sees unique flowers, a pool and snakes in the garden. Şahmeran was sitting on the throne by the pool.

Cemşab, who won the trust of Şahmaran, lived in this garden for many years. Şahmaran gave him health secrets that medicine did not know. Years later, Cemşab said that he missed his family very much and wanted to leave. Şahmeran gave permission, but asked him to promise that he would not tell anyone about his location.

Cemşab, who made a promise to Şahmaran and reunited with his family, kept his promise for many years. However, one day, when the sultan of the country fell ill, the vizier said that the cure for the disease was to eat Shahmaran’s meat, and news was spread everywhere. When it became clear that Cemşab knew the place of Şahmaran, he had to tell.

Sahmaran died Lokman physician is correct

Şahmeran to Cemşab“Boil my head and let the sultan drink it, so that he can be saved. Let the vizier drink my body and die. Boil my tail and drink it, so you become Lokman Physician” said.

It was exactly as Şahmeran said.

According to the legend, the snakes have not known that Şahmeran was killed since then. It is believed that Tarsus will one day be invaded by snakes who learned that Şahmeran was killed.

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