Set your alarm! When you see the products that came with the A101 catalog on October 6, your eyes will open like a fortune.

A101 6 October 2022 Set your alarm not to miss the products that come with the current product catalog. Crazy sale starts on A101 this Thursday.

A101 October 6, 2022 with the current product catalog, the details of the you bought and bought campaign have been announced. Big discounts are waiting for you in many product groups again this week at the A101 market. Especially white goods and technology products are the most striking products in the current 6 October 2022 catalog of A101. Those who want to buy affordable white goods should definitely raise their alarm. Because the products are limited in stock and are sold out instantly. So, what’s on the A101 this week? A101 6 October 2022 Which products will be discounted with the current product catalog?

A101 new weekly catalog is online. The 10-page campaign catalog of the A101 market, which is preparing to sign the second campaign of October, had a great impact on social media. Because with the current 6 September 2022 catalog of A101, technology products will also be discounted in addition to the products that your home needs. Those who want to renew their white goods, those who want to change their seats, those who want to buy a phone, should definitely set their alarm. Because with this week’s catalog of the A101 market, all of these products are on sale for half the price. Details of the discounted product campaign, which will be valid in A101 market stores, were shared both on social media and on the official website of the famous Market chain. The discounted products that come with the 6 October A101 catalog are limited in stock. That’s why those who go to the store early buy the products. So, what’s on the A101 this week? Which products are on sale this week with the A101 catalogue? A101 October 6, 2022 discounts are in our news…


With the current 6 October catalog of A101, economically priced products are waiting to meet with consumers on dozens of pages as every week. Everything from white goods to technology products, from electrical household appliances to textile products is on sale within the scope of the campaign, which will start on Thursday, October 6th. The new A101 catalog discounted product list is as follows;

Flavel 3 Drawer Freezer 1.899 TL

SEG 9 Kg Washing Machine 4.499 TL

SEG 4 Program Dishwasher 3.899 TL

Piranha 8′ Tablet 949 TL

WD 2TB External Hard Drive 1,099 TL

Realme C11 2021 2/32 GB Mobile Phone 2.899 TL

Piranha Smart Tv Smart Remote 129 TL

SanDisk 64GB USB 3.2 Memory 119 TL

Piranha Wireless Doorbell 79.95 TL

Arzum Mistost Toaster 599 TL

Arzum Brew Mug Personal Filter Coffee Machine 379 TL

Arzum Tea Maker 399 TL

Arzum Monomix Stick Blender 239 TL

Onvo Hand Blender Set 329 TL

Kiwi Ceramic Iron Iron 349 TL

Arzum Practical Upright Broom 499 TL

Arzum Nuvo Hair Straightening Brush 279 TL

Flavel Digital Scale 119 TL

Aprilla Cordless Shaver 49.95 TL


A101 market prepares a special campaign catalog on Thursdays every week. A101 Thursday campaign consists of a discount of at least 10 pages. This week, again, the A101 campaign catalog will offer you the following products;

Keramika Breakfast Set 19 Pieces 249.95 TL

Paşabahçe Estrella Blue Bowl 2540 cc 34.50 TL

Pasabahce Mushroom Lid Oil Vinegar 2 Pack 39.95 TL

Paşabahçe Square Pyrex Glass with Plastic Cover 1950 cc 59.95 TL

Paşabahçe Glass Bowl with Lid 2 Pcs 39.95 TL

LAV Tokyo Storage Container 2600 cc 49.95 TL

LAV Tokyo Storage Container 1500 cc 39.95 TL

LAV Tokyo Storage Container 880 cc 29.95 TL

LAV Water Glass Set of 4 69.95 TL

LAV Soft Drink Glass Set of 4 69.95 TL

Patterned Glass Flasks 14.95 TL

Glass Coffee Cup 500 ml 10.95 TL

Plastic Mixed Products 8.95 TL

Plastic Lid Mug 450 ml 7.95 TL

LAV Bedside Jug 1200 cc 39.95 TL

LAV Patterned Glass 520 cc 12.50 TL

LAV Bedside Jug 1200 cc 39.95 TL

LAV Patterned Glass 520 cc 12.50 TL

Frying Pot 20 cm 79.95 TL

Enamel Copper 99.95 TL

3 seater 1.999 TL.

With the current catalog of A101, there are many more products in the discount campaigns of the week. You can examine all the products in the images in our news.