Set morning alarms… A101 market October 6th discounts will create a crowd! Those who go early will be profitable! Here are the A101 6 October current discounted products

A101, which offers its current products to the citizens at affordable prices every week, has done what it will do again this week. The market, which published the current products catalog on October 6, 2022, invited the citizens to shopping with the campaign “Altın Aldin”. Here are the current products of A101 6 October 2022…

Publishing the 2nd current product catalog of October, A101 will again put a variety of products on the shelves at affordable prices. In the market, which offers many products from white goods to armchairs, many products will be placed on the shelves with a 50 percent discount this week.


Flavel 3 Drawer Freezer price 1.899 TL

SEG 9 Kg Washing Machine price 4.499 TL

SEG 4 Program Dishwasher price 3.899 TL

Piranha 8′ Tablet price 949 TL

WD 2 TB External Hard Drive price 1.099 TL

Realme C11 2021 2/32 GB Mobile Phone price 2.899 TL

Piranha Smart Tv Smart Remote price 129 TL

SanDisk 64GB USB 3.2 Memory price 119 TL

Piranha Wireless Doorbell price 79.95 TL

Arzum Mistost Toaster price 599 TL

Arzum Brew Mug Personal Filter Coffee Machine price 379 TL

6 october a101

Arzum Tea Maker price 399 TL

Arzum Monomix Stick Blender price 239 TL

Onvo Hand Blender Set price 329 TL

LAV Beverage Glass 4 pcs price 69.95 TL

Patterned Glass Flask Types price 14.95 TL

Glass Coffee Cup 500 ml price 10.95 TL

Plastic Mixed Products price 8.95 TL

Frying Pot 20 cm price 79.95 TL

Enamel Copper Price 99.95 TL

3-Seat Sofa price 1.999 TL