Seren Serengil testified at the prosecutor’s office for 3 hours

Seren Serengil, the ex-wife of Hadise’s Ebru Gündeş in November Reza Zarrab Claiming that there was a relationship between him and her, he announced that he would publish the documents in his possession on this subject. eventThereupon, he tagged the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and RTÜK and reacted to Serengil with the words, “First of all, I am a woman, I am a human being. I have been harassed and threatened by a group for a year and a half.”


event, and then Seren SerengilHe complained about. Upon the complaint, Serengil went to the Istanbul Palace of Justice and gave a statement to the Press Crimes Prosecutor’s Office. Seren Serengil’s statement took 3 hours.

Seren Serengil

Seren Serengil


Seren Serengil, who made a short statement after the deposition at the Prosecutor’s Office, said that Hadise had come to testify because she had complained about herself. Serengil said, “Hadise filed a criminal complaint. We gave the names of our witnesses.”

When the press members asked what Hadise was complaining about, Seren Serengil said, “He filed a criminal complaint about the forbidden love he had with Reza Zarrab. We showed Reza Bey’s former lawyer, Ebru Gündeş, and her lawyer as witnesses.” Serengil left the courthouse after the statement.