Seren Serengil announced that she was leaving If I Didn’t Say It: ‘I couldn’t stand the psychological violence and mobbing!

For a while Bircan Bali and Arto with cold winds blowing between them Seren SerengilWhen Ebru Yaşar did not want the news in the program, the crisis broke out. Serengil, who allegedly had a fight with the producer, parted ways. Seren Serengil, who had a hard time and was hospitalized, made a statement days later.

Sharing an explanation text from his social media account, Serengil answered all the curious questions.


“I have been commenting on Beyaz TV every morning with some events that have been going on for a long time”Not if I don’t sayAs of this morning, I have left the program named “with all my legal rights reserved.

I have taken this decision in order not to damage my personal rights, my reputation in the public eye, the brand value of my name and my presence in the eyes of you, my esteemed viewers, due to the verbal, psychological violence and mobbing that I have been subjected to by other commentators and the producer in the program.

I would like to thank the channel management, our channel owner, Osman Gökçek, who insisted on staying on the show before and made me give up on my decision to leave, the respect I have for him, the confidence that things will change, and for the sake of his own sake, and our channel owner, Mr. Osman Gökçek, and you, my esteemed audience.

Despite everything, all the mobbing and pressure, I continued with all my self-sacrifice, goodwill and understanding in the program, thinking of the people who have not had a working life other than Beyaz TV for a long time, the producer and my other friends, and that it is difficult to find a job elsewhere due to market conditions. Since I know that I can’t think of playing with anyone’s earnings, working life and most importantly their bread, as someone who has been involved in many different projects so far, I have not had such concerns, even though I tried hard to produce a peaceful solution without forcing anyone to make a choice, the dose I had to endure every day. Loves me that I left the program due to the insults made to myself, my family and violations of my personal rights and the fact that all these were tolerated by the production team, and at the same time my health was adversely affected by this situation, I share it with all my valuable audience and followers who know the rate.

I hope to see you in different projects that deserve my work, effort and energy, where the conditions of respect are preserved, and which are in line with my vision. For now, I would like to ask your permission for a short time. Thank you for your understanding and support.”