Serbian leader Vucic announces barricades will be lifted in Kosovo

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the barricades, which are the cause of the tension with Kosovo, will be removed tomorrow.

Vucic, who met with Kosovo Serbs at the Raska Barracks near Serbia’s border with Kosovo, made a statement after the meeting.

Expressing that they had a very difficult night and meeting, Vucic said, “I asked the Kosovo Serbs to remove the barricades. I wanted peace and tranquility to continue. I listened to everyone. I believe that the promises will be fulfilled.”

Vucic stated that the feeling of insecurity among Kosovo Serbs continues, “The barricades will be removed before noon on Thursday. This is not a job that will be finished in 2 hours. It may take 24, maybe 48 hours, but the barricades will be removed.” he said.

Evaluating the possibility of Kosovo Serbs being detained after the removal of the barricades, Vucic said, “They stated that in such a case they will set up the barricades, never to be lifted again.” used his statements.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) and the USA made a joint statement after the detention of former Serbian police officer Dejan Pantic, which caused tensions between Kosovo and Serbia today, was turned into house arrest.

Petar Petkovic, Director of the Serbian Government Office in Kosovo, met with Vucic after the EU and USA’s statement, and stated that they received guarantees from the EU and the USA for the fulfillment of the demands of Kosovo Serbs.

Petkovic stated that they learned that there is no list from the EU and the USA regarding the detention or deportation of the Serbs at the barricades, adding that in accordance with the existing agreements, the Kosovo Security Force should go to the north of Kosovo beforehand, according to the NATO Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo (KFOR). He also noted that a statement was made on the need to obtain the approval of his commander.