Senior banker came to the fore with real estate in Canada, made an attack on fruit juice

HAKAN Guldagwith Akman Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali AkmanWhile I was preparing to meet with . Nilgun Karatasmade by news came.

Nilgun KaratasWe published the news of ‘s in March 2001 with the following headline:

  • Restoration that closed the factory from the senior bank…

The news was as follows:

  • Businessman Ali Akman, who lost 1 trillion liras (28 million dollars in exchange rates at that time) to Marmara Bank, which was closed exactly 7 years ago (1994), closed his factory this time because of İktisat Bank.
  • Ersu, who deposited 1.9 trillion liras in İktisat Bank the day before it was confiscated, locked the door of his factory in Niğde because his money was not paid on time. Akman’s lawyers also started preparing to file a lawsuit against İktisat Bank and Fund management.

Ali AkmanWe started the conversation with juice:

Ersu was established in 1969 with the encouragement of the Demirel Government. It went into crisis in the 1970s and was closed over time. I came back in 1981 from abroad where I went for university education. I started the juice business. I exported to the USA in 1982. I bought Ersu in 1984.

He stated that he founded Golden Fruit Juice in Antalya with an American company in 1989:

In 1992, we established Morello Fruit Juice in Afyon Sultandağı, and in 1994 we commissioned Aksu in Niğde. We are still producing in 5 facilities in our country with Ersu and Golden brands in the fruit juice sector.

He reported that they process 150-160 thousand tons of fruit per year:

We export 50 percent of the production. 75 percent of exports are made to EU countries.

He noted that they took action to stand out with Ersu in fruit juice:

We took steps to increase our capital by 300 percent, we applied to the CMB. We will make modernization investments in our production facilities. The new technology will allow direct filling into cold packaging.

He explained that he also established a fruit juice facility in China in 1994:

We operated 3 plants in China for 7 years. We withdrew from China in 2011. We also produced an intermediate fruit juice in India. In addition, our fruit juice facilities operated in Iran for a while.

He emphasized that in Canada, which he entered in 1984 with the export of fruit juice, he turned to real estate and hotel business since 2013-2014:

We do real estate projects in Canada through SAMM Developments, a subsidiary of SAMM Holding based in Ankara. We realized the 600 million dollar The Kennedy Condominiums project in Toronto.

He stated that they laid the foundation of the 130 million dollar Regal Plaza Complex in September 2020:

The project in Toronto includes a 204-room hotel and 150 offices. We have 7 hotels in Canada, which we entered with real estate projects in 2013-2014.

Emphasizing that they also have two hotels in Turkey, he added:

We are looking for opportunities in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. We aim to add 3 more hotels to our group by the end of this year.

in 2001 “senior banker” we define Ali Akman Akman Holding, which was under the management of Akman Holding, started to attack again in fruit juice, which had closed a factory at that time.

While Ersu re-takes its place on the market shelves, it also plans to take ambitious steps in export.

SAMM Developments is also on the way to further strengthen its position in Canada…

Sending black carrot juice to Japan

AKMAN Chairman of the Holding Board of Directors Ali Akman, In the juice business section of the chat, he mentioned the black carrot:

Black carrot was previously used as a food colorant. While we were testing different vegetable juices and mixtures in our juice facilities, producing black carrot juice came to the fore.

He stated that they had the black carrot juice tested by Japanese customers first:

The Japanese liked the black carrot juice, and we started exporting it.

He reported that they produced the black carrot with the contract farming model:

Black carrots also grow very easily in all fields where sugar beet is grown. Black carrot juice can stand out among the products that attract attention in the fruit juice sector.

How to close a foreign currency loan if you are chasing the money, “What are you going to do with it?”

CORLU President of the Business People and Industrialists Association (ÇİSAD) Nüvit Kırçuval under the guidance of WORLD Newspaper Tekirdag Representatives Alper Bakir – Guray Erdogan accompanied by, Hakan Guldag and Barış Sedef, we stopped by the Toprak Fur Factory in Çorlu.

Toprak Kürk Chairman of the Board Ozdemir SoilWe chatted with ‘ while touring the factory:

We import raw leather. We process it and present it to the ready-made clothing industry. Most of our production goes to export. South Korea has a 50 percent share in our exports.

He stated that there is a decrease in leather clothing in the world:

The use of leather in shoes and bags continues with the same intensity.

He showed the processed sheepskins:

We have nothing to do with the skin of game animals. In other words, we use the skins of animals that are already slaughtered for the benefit of people.

We asked the problems on their agenda, they listed:

  • There is a problem in accessing finance.
  • The share of energy in our cost has increased a lot.
  • We’re having a hard time finding staff.

Opened the issue of access to finance:

Bank applying for TL loan, “What will you do with the money?” is interrogating. This query is applied in order not to turn to the foreign currency that can take the loan. Let’s say I got a TL loan. Why can’t I get foreign currency to close my foreign currency loan with it?

He reminded of the obligation to convert 40 percent of the export currency into TL:

To the exporter “Convert 40% of the foreign currency you bring into TL” you say. If the rediscount credit is used, you want a 30 percent from there. Thus, the exporter’s need to convert to TL foreign currency amount to 70 percent of what he brought.