Seluk nan: “I’m glad I’m Galatasaray”

Seluk nan, who left great traces in Galatasaray with his football and now has technical directorship plans, made statements.

– Our National Team lost 2-1 to Faroe Islands. What do you think about the National Team? Does the foreign teacher keep Mayas in the national team?

I’ve said this before. We live success-oriented in our country. It is very normal that issues such as criticizing or sending teachers in failure are on the agenda. There are decision makers in the conclusion; It is the same in both the handles and the national team. You bring to me the people who suit you, whom you believe will lead you to success in the future. Today, Hamit Altntop approved this, the ministers on board enol Gnei agreed. After all, these are all our players, our children are going through a bad time. However, there are very good football players, they can easily cope with this situation. It is easiest to talk about the change of teacher, and it will be decided by the people who are the easiest. I think the people who take on that task now will do what is necessary.

– Gold with great coaches before. Enol Gne, Ersun Yanal, Mancini and Fatih Terim as a result of what they have learned from these technical guys; Everyone is wondering what kind of technical director Seluk Nan will be.

I was the captain while working with one of them. Afterwards, there were things that the assistants did. I see all of them until now. When I’m bored, when something comes to my mind, I immediately call them and try to find out what they think. Football; It’s a simple but so variable game. It’s not right to take something from a teacher and say that I should do it too. I’ve spent my life up to now with football. There are things that I created in my head. I found it right, I found it wrong, and there were also behaviors of these teachers.

Seluk nan talked about the 1 week he spent with Italy National Team Coach Roberto Mancini:

We had a very good time with his analysis and tactics for 7 days. Mancini, a person I love very much, I learned very nice things, he introduced me to good people. We also had some consultations with those people. I have some requests and wishes for my own team. There were also positions related to these. It’s been a useful time. I went to Spain, I watched some movies. I met with the teachers there. Since I have mastered Turkish football, we embarked on such a tour so that maybe I could catch something different in Europe. God willing, we will see the benefit of this in the future.

– What stage are you at for technical directorship, who will be in your technical team?

I didn’t create a team from my old teammates. It has become a more experienced team, which is not easy to get together. We became a good team. I also got a license. Pro license is welcome. I will not name the team, but there is also a foreign teacher.

– It is said that you have examined the young players pen and pencil, you have a computer with data data. Is this okay?

Yes. While I was helping Fatih Hocan for 2 years, I also worked with the scout team. There is no player we did not follow. We have mastered all of them, it is important to know good players. We’re watching too much, anyway. There is no problem with Turkish leagues. I dominate many players in Europe too. It’s our business, we have to do it.

– I want to ask the difference between Fatih Terim and enol Gne. What were the features that separated the two coaches from each other in the acting period?

In the sixteenth period with enol Hoca; He trusted me so much that he left me at ease. He turned me into an incredible player. In his eyes, Fatih Hoca also loved and trusted me very much. Fatih Hoca was a teacher who played with more players, managed the player as he wanted, and could direct him to any position he wanted. Enol Hoca is a coach who knows very well how to get efficiency from the player.”

– Seluk nan has always been a necessary team player. When we look at the last 10, your average minute is 86 minutes. Your worst season is 36-37 games. Is there anyone after you that you really call a team player?

Ok there are good players. Baar is of course very moist. Scoring goals, making assists In my view, the most important achievement is stability. Playing 40 games every year, staying in big teams for 5-10 years. I always give this advice to young players. Because if you are playing 40 ma, if you take good care of yourself, those statistics will come. I think the most important thing on the road to success is to play stability, to be on the field all the time. I think this is the key to success.

– When we look at current Galatasaray, can we say that Sergio Oliveira is a team player like Seluk nan?

Sergio Oliveira is a moist actor. It’s not right to compare with players like me. Maybe he can be a better player than me. Henz just arrived. Allah will be successful.

– There is a historical championship won in Kadky. What was discussed in this pre-championship locker room?

“Actually, we were champions for a while that season. Later, they said something called play-off. It was the last salary. I have a memory with Fatih Hoca. We are walking side by side with Fatih Hoca. We did. We lost a match. I said maybe we will lose the championship. Fatih Hodja said to me, “There is good in everything. So that’s good luck. We will go, we will lift that cup there and we will come. We believed that, we were a good team anyway. If it was necessary to win, We would have won. No one thought of anything negative in the dressing room. We said it would be a historical thing, it really happened. What we experienced after the match was not normal. We waited in the dressing room for a very long time. One of us became champions for the first time. Touching that trophy, lifting that trophy is a thing. It is the biggest dream of the player. It sounds simple, but it is very important to lift that championship trophy.

– There was a belief among Galatasaray fans; Seluk, who wore a long raft and a stone, believed that his enchantment would be broken when his nan’s hair was cut. What would you like to say about it?

You’re right, we wish we hadn’t stuttered. [Glerek]

– Which goal would you say as your career goal?

If I were to say other than Galatasaray, I can say the first goal I scored in the Sper League when I was in Manisaspor. Sivasspora In terms of meaning, I can say the match in Iceland and the goal I scored against Sivasspor in Galatasaray.

– Can you explain the conversation you had with Arda Turan before that historic free kick in the Icelandic Buffalo in the 2016 European Championship Qualifiers?

Arda Turan came to me. [Glerek]. Arda said, “Can you do the middle, let’s go to the penalty area.” And I said you come, come. At that time, I was thinking if I could shoot from here. Caner Erkin also says that even when I said go, go, I decided to shoot.

– Do you have a dream of being a coach in Galatasaray?

“Of course I have a dream, a goal, because of my own community. I became a Seluk nan there, I served as captain there. Of course, I have such a goal. It is not easy to say when I will be ready there. But there is one thing I know; I hope one day I’ll be there.”

– If you had gone to Fenerbahe when you left Trabzonspor, would there be an increase in the number of trophies for Fenerbahe?

“I have always been a modest person. But if there is a reason, I made significant contributions to Galatasaray that year in terms of score. Without them, Fenerbahe would have been champions. Maybe it would have influenced the result. It is not easy to get a player who has a testimonial now as I was at that time. “In Turkey. Many managers have contributed to my coming to Galatasaray, but if I have made a decision all my life, I will go after it. It was my dream to play in Galatasaray and my only goal that I wanted to achieve. When this opportunity came, I went there without thinking about anything else.”

– Do you regret the Fenerbahe buffalo jersey mix event?

“It’s not a big deal, but if we can say that stutter didn’t happen, if stutter didn’t happen… But if the same things happened again, I would still give the same reaction.”

– How is the relationship between Karam Tayfa (Burak Ylmaz-Arda Turan-Seluk nan)?

“There is no problem. There will be no problems in our lives. In the eyes of many, this friendship you mentioned is living in people; being so close, growing up together like a brother from childhood to today, is not a situation that people are used to. Sometimes there are distances, you already see. Sometimes someone played in China, someone played in Spain. Inevitably, there are distances, we got married, we had a child, our priorities have changed, of course. These can happen, of course. But inside, we grew up together since our childhood. “

– My Seluk Melo Sneijder Drogba, Oliviera Torreira Mertens Icardi?

“The answer is to ask you. [Glerek]. It was not a team that would come together very easily. Sneijder, Drogba, Riera, Eboue, Ujfalusi, Melo, Muslera, Hamit… it was not an easy job, so that was it.”

– Is it true that Fatih Terim does not trust his assistants?

“The person who is most disturbed by this perception is Fatih Hodja, actually. He gave the answer to this many times. He misses it when he hears it. Because we always give the answer to this, but it does not bother us; the real interlocutor of the problem is Fatih Hodja. I became one of the players who played the longest, then I became the assistant of the coach. I became the leader of the field in almost every period he was in. Even when I was on the field, the coach respected and listened to my ideas very much, let alone the period when I was at the table outside the field. These are not acceptable things anyway. It seems a little disrespectful to me that career players like us are thrown aside without hesitation. There is nothing like that. The teacher has always been a teacher with a great vision and open to all ideas. We also had some very good works. I’m glad I spent 2 years with the teacher.”

– Does Okan Buruk think that he can be successful in Galatasaray?

“I think because the community knows, he has experience. I want him to be successful in my day. Success is an important criterion. When you can’t win a match, grumbles start; you can’t think very well, unfortunately. The perception of media power in Turkey can affect people. Okan Hoca’s goals scored in the last minutes are great. It’s important. At least the things he wants to do, he can get it done in a shorter time.”

– Do you sometimes say that I should throw this free horse?

“Some points happen, people say it’s not a lie. Now I say it was time. I can’t lie. [Glerek]”

– What was the reason for the last period of your career?

“The year 2011/2012 was not a normal year. It is not something that is seen very often in the world for a central midfielder to achieve 12 goals and 15 assists. I knew it was not normal, I had a bitterness from him. I was like, ‘What are we going to do in the next years?’ saying. [Glerek]. The next year I got about 7 goals and 15 assists and I was criticized a lot, which was a very important contribution. One thing I am not very happy about in Turkey is that some things happened while the reaction was so successful. But now these are normal things in our country.”

– Do you train a team of greats other than Galatasaray?

“Of course I exercise. This is my life. What I want to do right now is my new job. So, of course, I would like to practice in a way focused on my own personality without hurting or killing anyone.”

– Were there any handles rejected from Europe, which ones?

“It happened. It happened while I was in Trabzonspor. Leicester City happened after I wore the 4th star, I was 30 years old. It may have happened while I was in Trabzon before I came to Galatasaray. It could have been the case of Sevilla. It was talked about at that time. I also received offers from the league. But I’m glad I came to Galatasaray.”

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