Sedat Peker had not been heard for days. Emre Olur, his right arm, made a single tweet

Sedat Peker, who has been investigated for allegedly being the leader of an organized crime organization, has been keeping his silence on his social media accounts for days. It was Emre Olur who ended the silence on the front of Sedat Peker, whose allegations fell like a bomb on the agenda. Emre would, in his post on Twitter, stated that a perception operation has been carried out over Sedat Peker’s name on social media for days. Emre Olu made the following statements in his tweet:

“For a few days, over fake Twitter accounts, Mr. They carry out a perception operation by posting on behalf of Reis Sedat Peker. Mr. Accounts owned and used by Reis Sedat Peker: @uzuncavus_ and @delicavus_nth. Please do not trust accounts other than those.”


Sedat Peker made a post on the news of Yeni Şafak newspaper about him in the past weeks; “Yeni Şafak newspaper, I have a word for you. You made a news about me today. If I can find the time today, I will visit you tomorrow if I can’t. Journalist Fuat Uğur, I will come to visit you for the cap you gave me (we will chat with you, I will not tear a piece from you)” he said.

Sedat Peker, in his last post on the subject from his assistant Emre Olur’s account, “New Dawnmen, I told you I’d come visit you today. However, I thought that if the agenda of the country turns into another scandal, the stock market issue will be forgotten. I’m rescheduling our appointment for a later date. Say hi to your bosses. WORD honour” made his statements.


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