Sect and community exit that will be talked about a lot from Ali Babacan

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan made statements on the agenda in HaberTürk. Babacan said, “We need to reconsider the laws of revolution. Congregations and sects should be able to be structured. Organizing is a human right.”

Babacan’s statements about the sect and congregations, which made statements about the agenda, drew reaction on the social media.

Ali Babacan, who argued that they should be open to congregations, sects and religious groups, said:

“We wanted communities, sects, religious groups to be structured as associations in a transparent and open manner. It is currently prohibited. Some commercial activities need legal personality due to economic requirements, they establish associations. Why would it be unregistered? Human right to organize in line with their belief. But officially they should. Let them open their place of worship. Did those laws really prohibit it? When it goes underground, the state does not have the opportunity to control it. We say be transparent, be open.

When Fatih Altaylı was asked, “Well, isn’t this a situation against the Laws of the Revolution?” Babacan replied, “The laws of the revolution have a logic for that day, but we need to look at it again according to today’s conditions.”

Babacan continued his words as follows:

“Let them say ‘we should organize religiously’ within the foundation or association. Connect to foundations. We think that the internal structure of the Diyanet needs to be changed. People don’t go to Friday prayers because they don’t want to listen to the government’s propaganda. Can you imagine the cause of this? They feel obligated to go off-the-record because it is currently prohibited. Let’s be clear, let them do their job according to the rules. Let the state check.”

These words of the leader of the DEVA Party about the laws of the Revolution and the congregations received a wide reaction on social media.

In the continuation of his speech, Babacan said the following about the Presidential candidacy of Six Tables:

“We don’t say whether the candidates are at the table or not. We also listen to those who want to express their views to us. When we sat at the Six-Table, no positive or negative opinion was mentioned for anyone. If the Six-Table agrees, there will be no problem of being elected and I will do it in the best way. There is no problem. But first, of course, there must be an agreement.”