SCO purification in Turkey | Ismet Ozcelik

Turkey is entering a new era.

Trust in the West.

There is an orientation towards Asia.

A large segment of society

He sees Turkey’s future in Asia.

The SCO summit held on September 15-16,

Explanations after…

Now in homes, cafes, barbers, … everywhere,

Shanghai Cooperation Organization” is spoken.


We will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Vatan Party had put it on its program years ago.

Some “dream” he was saying.

It’s coming true now.

President Erdogan was at the SCO summit.

He explained on his return.

Our goal is SCO membership.


Photo given in Uzbekistan-Samarkand…

It scared America.

NATO is in panic.

They see the SCO as a threat.

The western press threw the ball into the air.

dictators summit” he named it.

German newspaper Handelsblatt

challenge to the west” captioned.

Leaders caught in the tail of the USA…

Their seats are already rocking.

As the SCO gets stronger, their anxieties increase.

That’s why they’re bothered.

The European people, on the other hand, go down to the field.

It hardens its stance towards the USA.


From Turkey’s membership request,

China and Russia are satisfied.

Iran, India, Pakistan,

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,

Uzbekistan is happy.

The news is in this direction.

Solidarity will increase in the coming period.


In the opposition SCO debate,

He sided with the USA and NATO.

The CHP has already started hostility to the SCO.

His spokesperson spoke of thinking 9 times.

Ünal Çeviköz, Kılıçdaroğlu’s foreign policy advisor,

SCO membership is a mistake” said.

He explained the reason as follows:

Some other countries, especially Russia and China, within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are seen as ‘enemies’ by NATO and the European Union, which we are currently in.

Need comment?


Feast for Davutoğlu houses.

More worried than America.

The photo of a country that has broken with the democratic standards of Europe with authoritarian leaders is not a sight for the Turkish people to brag about.” he explained.

Same with other opposition leaders.

They are trying to woo the USA.

They cross most of the world.

They do not think about Turkey, but the interests of the USA.


SCO membership is like a litmus paper.

It reveals real identities.

Statements from the opposition

It was cooked with the ones made from the USA and EU.

On the one hand, those with imperialism.

On the other hand, locals and nationals.

It’s the same in almost everything.

Similar purification takes place.

Friend and foe

The opposition has completely lost control.

The enemy of the USA and the EU, our enemy too” says.


enemies of China.

Enemies of Russia.

enemies of Iran.

Although sometimes they speak differently,

They are also enemies of the Assad regime.

To them they are all dictators.

Because the USA and EU say so.

His condition is deplorable…

That’s why people don’t trust them.

The government is losing votes.

The votes of the Biden crew are not increasing.

People see the truth…