SCO on the stage of global power struggle

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Samarkand Summit was a historic summit for Turkey, for Asia and for the global power struggle.

It was a start for Turkey: Turkey became a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2012. “Dialogue Partner Status”had received the nude. Dialogue partners were able to attend meetings, although they did not have decision-making and signing powers. However, since receiving that status, Turkey has never attended SCO summits at the presidential level. Erdogan‘s participation in the Samarkand Summit in 2022, 10 years later, was a first. However, this is the first ErdoganRegardless of Turkey’s domestic/foreign political intentions, it is a very important development for Turkey.

Thus Erdogan to the SCO members at the summit, “We are ready for cooperation in every field from security to economy, from energy to transportation, from agriculture to tourism” He showed Turkey’s interest in this organization by saying. We hope that Turkey will take its place in the SCO first as an observer and then as a full member.

SCO expands

At the Samarkand Summit Iran signs full membership document. Founded in 1996 by China, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as the Shanghai Five, the organization turned into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2001 with the participation of Uzbekistan, expanded to eight members in 2017 with the participation of India and Pakistan, and in 2022. Together with Iran, it has reached nine members.

However, it is seen that the organization, which decided to expand, will quickly spread to the whole of Asia. Because, at the time when Iran signed the full membership document, Dialogue Partner Status in Egypt was taking. At last year’s summit, Egypt was agreed to be granted Dialogue Partner Status with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In the bilateral and trilateral meetings held before the summit, signatures were also signed within the scope of the Belt and Road Initiative: The China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway agreement was signed and it was decided to develop the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor.


The most important of the bilateral meetings held at the summit was the President of the People’s Republic of China. Xi Jinping with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin It was a meeting between

Putinto China regarding Taiwan, SiThe main focus of the bilateral meeting, in which Turkey also gave messages of support to Russia on Ukraine, was the leaders’ “multi-polarity” created marks.

Xi Jinping‘s message revealed the global responsibility of the China-Russia partnership: “In a world of historical changes, China is ready to work with Russia and play a guiding role in stabilizing against chaos with the responsibility of great powers.”

SiThis statement by China, pointing to the great power responsibility of the Sino-Russian partnership, also heralded the fact that the expanding SCO, led by the duo, had stepped onto the stage of global power struggle.


The prominent messages in the Samarkand Declaration published after the summit were as follows:

– Member countries, further development of cooperation in the field of defense and security we agree.

– Member states note that interference in their internal affairs and the exploitation of terrorist, extremist and extremist groups are unacceptable.

– Member states are strongly against the militarization of the IT sector.

– Member states are calling for reform within the WTO.

– Member countries, the roadmap prepared to gradually increase the share of national currencies in mutual agreements. he accepted.

– Member countries, they will form a common terror list.

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