Scientists warned: New symptom in ‘Long Kovid-19’

As a result of the research conducted in England, it was announced that a new symptom occurred in the “long Kovid-19” syndrome, which is seen in some people who caught Kovid-19. Scientists warned patients with this symptom.

While the danger in the Kovid-19 epidemic has not passed globally, many new symptoms related to the virus are also emerging. Scientists from Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London, who investigated the “long Kovid-19” syndrome, which is seen even after recovery in people who have the virus, reported that there are new symptoms of this syndrome.

According to the news in Sözcü; Scientists have detected heart palpitations in people who have had long Kovid-19. It was stated that those who had long Kovid-19 had heart palpitations when they stood up after sitting for a long time, while chest pain, dizziness and weakness were also reported.


Stating that this problem is experienced in the autonomic nervous system, scientists warned that patients with such symptoms should be careful.

Scientists at University College London said that long Kovid-19 can have more than 200 symptoms, adding that brain fog and fatigue are the most obvious and bad side effects.