Scholz: Sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine is the right decision

German Chancellor Olaf ScholzAfter the announcement that Germany would send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, he addressed the deputies in the Bundestag and answered their questions. In his speech, Scholz stated that the German economy is facing difficulties due to the Russia-Ukraine War.

Stressing that the country’s borders cannot be changed by force, Scholz said, “Therefore, it is right for us to support Ukraine in cooperation with our partners,” and explained that this is the principle on which his government is based.

Noting that Germany will send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, Scholz said, “There is no mathematical basis for these decisions, we have progressed step by step. This also applies to our final decision. We will supply Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine.” Stating that it was the right decision for Leopard 2 and other countries to send their own tanks to Ukraine, Scholz said, “There are citizens in our country who are worried. I want to say to these citizens: Trust me! Trust the federal government!” said.


Asked by a lawmaker what changed Germany’s stance and why sending tanks to Ukraine is no longer seen as a “provocation”, Scholz said: “Advancing alone would be a serious mistake, we must coordinate with our partners and allies. I have never used the word ‘provocation’. Provocation. “This is Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.” Underlining the importance of providing humanitarian aid as well as military support to Ukraine, Scholz explained that Ukraine’s infrastructure should be secured and that Ukraine should be focused on rebuilding.


A lawmaker accused Scholz of trampling on the principles adopted by Germany in the post-war period because of his decision to send tanks to Ukraine, and described it as a “historic day”. Addressing Deputy Scholz, he said, “Not giving weapons to conflict zones was the basis of Germany’s post-war politics. You will go down in history as the chancellor who trampled on these basic principles.” Scholz, on the other hand, told the deputy, “Russia’s war of aggression is an imperialist war. Russia launched a terrible bombing campaign to expand its borders.”

The MP said to Scholz, “Yes, you’re right, this is imperialism, just as NATO enlargement is imperialism. When will all this stop?” gave the answer. Scholz said: “We reject this imperialist idea and therefore UkraineWe support the “he said.
on the other hand Germanyannounced before Scholz’s address that it would initially provide Ukraine with a squadron of 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from the army inventory.