Scary gold price prediction from Edirne Jewelers Association President

Edirne Jewelers Association President İsmail Kalkan said that they expect an increase in gold prices in the new year.

Kalkan said:

“You know when you try to jump across a ditch or a pit, you stretch, you run fast and you try to jump, gold is at that stage right now. A downward trend is expected in the dollar and it will fall. The euro was garbage. It was 900 liras above the dollar, it’s a little behind now. They say, ‘ America has sunk, gone’, but it remains strong, grams 980. Our forecast is for a band of 1,200- thousand 300. Currently, ounce is crawling on the ground. Around 1,650. It came here from 2200. Ounce means 31 grams of gold bullion. The unit price of gold in the world is in ounces. Measured.


Jeweler Rahmi Cömert stated that the price of gram gold will rise in the new year, “The gram of gold varies between 980 and 990. When the prices come back, people should definitely not think that gold will fall. On the contrary, they should consider it as a buying opportunity. These prices are the time to really buy. The Central Bank has announced the rates. The dollar is 21 liras, the price of gold is 1100-1200 liras. I think the price of gold will be 1100-1150 liras at the end of the year.” said.