Scar from childhood…She is a famous actress now


Ozge OzpirincciDid you know that he was on the brink of marriage with his colleague Engin Altan Düzyatan? The duo, who had a great love for 5 years, wore engagement rings in 2013. In the same year, they decided to separate by mutual agreement.

– Özpirinçci had such a great love for Engin Altan that he had his lover’s teeth marks tattooed on his body. After the breakup, he replaced his tooth tattoo with a feather tattoo.

Scar from childhood...She is a famous actress now

– The scar on his forehead was caused when he was 3 years old when he was running around the house, losing his balance and hitting the heater core.

– He had a special interest in technological gadgets and liked to examine new products.


The famous actress, who has been closely interested in yoga and combat sports in recent years, played volleyball, football, tennis and basketball during her high school years.

– He doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes. The animal-loving actor said the thing I would never wear was ‘fur’.

– He enjoys long walks alone.

– Soups with multiple ingredients were his favorite food.

– Salads, omelette and toast were the foods he did best.

Because of his illness

Couldn’t walk for 3 years

Scar from childhood...She is a famous actress now

Known for his colorful personality, Tarık Mengüç’s childhood dreams included being a world-renowned hairdresser besides being a good musician and songwriter.

– He composed for many artists, especially Sibel Can, Seda Sayan, Kibariye.

– He sang vocals for famous names such as İbrahim Tatlıses, Ebru Gündeş, İbrahim Erkal.

– He could not walk for 3 years as a result of an illness he had.

– Besides his artistic personality, he was a good styling and furniture designer.

– Due to the collapse of the sole of his foot from his childhood, he had pain when wearing flat slippers and flat shoes. That’s why she wears specially designed high-soled shoes.


– He collects keys, which are the symbols of every country he goes to as a hobby.

– He has lenses among his must-haves. Because he couldn’t see far.

– He’s an expert on scents. Whatever scent it was, he instantly knew its properties.

– He was very interested in energy affairs. Items such as phone and spoon were standing on his body without falling.

His friends say ‘Polat’

Scar from childhood...She is a famous actress now

Ejder Özkarslıgil, who was born in Gaziantep, graduated from Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Stage and Performing Arts Management with a scholarship.
– At the age of 17, he won the theater auditions made by Haldun Dormen and his team and studied at the city theaters for one and a half years.
– She completed her acting education at Tümay Özokur Academy.
– He sees director and fellow countryman Cem Kargı as an idol.
– His first TV series project was “Karagül”, which was shot in Gaziantep, where he went to shoot without his family’s knowledge at the end of high school.
– When he was little, his biggest phobia was the buzzing of a fly or a bee because he was stung by a bee. Even when shooting with a drone, he could not stand the sound of it.
– Despite not being able to watch horror movies, his first act cinema The movie is “Üç Harfliler Votive” directed by Alper Mestçi.
– In high school, classmates called Özkarslıgil by the nickname ‘Polat’ because they resembled Necati Şaşmaz.


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