Scandalous Turkey statement from the Greek minister … Openly threatened!

Created Date: January 29, 2023 10:52

Turkey is on the agenda once again in neighboring Greece. Greek Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, joined the caravan of politicians targeting Turkey. A scandalous Turkey statement came from the Greek politician.

The tension in the Aegean continues to rise with the statements from Athens.

Another name has joined the caravan of Greek politicians who have been constantly targeting Turkey with the scandalous statements he has made recently.

Greek Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, made statements targeting Turkey.

Responding to Erdogan’s warning to Greece, ‘We may come suddenly one night’, Georgiadis used the following scandalous expressions;

‘We laugh every time we hear these words. I want to inform Mr. Erdogan that Rafale and Viper will crush the Turkish Air Force if they dare to come at night, noon, morning or afternoon.’

Ta Nea presented this development to his readers with the title ‘If Erdogan comes at night, Rafale and Viper will crush the Turkish air force’.

Underlining that he believed in a Roman proverb ‘if you want peace, be ready for war’, the Greek minister continued his words as follows;

‘I’m telling Erdogan, you can’t mess with Greece. Mitsotakis arrived and strengthened the Armed Forces. We got torpedoes, we ordered frigates, we made an alliance with France and the USA, we got Rafales.’


2022, which we left behind, was almost a year of armament for Greece.

The Athens administration, which has signed many arms agreements, on the one hand, TurkeyWhile targeting , it also spent billions of dollars.

GreeceWhile spending 500 million Euros in 2019, 530 million Euros in 2020, 2.52 billion Euros in 2021 on armament, this figure reached 3.37 billion Euros in 2022.

The Athens administration announced that since July 2019, contracts worth 14.4 billion euros have been signed for 172 armament programs.