Scandalous insult to Messi: “Sewer rat…”

Announcing that he would not wear the Barcelona jersey, which he had sweated for 21 years, including the infrastructure, in the 2021-22 season, Messi signed a 2-year contract with the French team while taking the road to Paris Saint-Germain.

While it was known that there were many differences of opinion about Messi within the Barcelona club at that time, a scandalous record emerged in the Spanish press.

Insults against Messi revealed

According to the news in El Periodico; While some WhatsApp messages of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who was the head of the Spanish team at the time, and the board of directors were revealed, the heavy insults against Messi in the messages created a shock effect.

In a series of leaked WhatsApp conversations, Román Gómez Ponti, who was then Barça’s head of legal services, allegedly spoke outrageously.


Bartomeu, the club’s CEO Òscar Grau, executives such as Jordi Moix, Oriol Tomàs and David Bellver, as well as finance director Pancho Schroder and Strategy and Innovation director Javier Sobrino, were also claimed to have had these conversations.

Scandalous phrases: “Sewer rat, hormonal midget…”

In the message that Gomez Ponti allegedly wrote to President Bartomeu, he used the following statements while making a correspondence about reducing salaries during the pandemic period;

“Barto, to be honest you can’t be that good against[Messi]this sewer rat. The club gave him everything and he just signed for himself, transfers, renewals, sponsors etc… You should include the renewal commission of Jordi Alba and Ansu Fati.


And most of all, the blackmail and rudeness that the club and our employees are exposed to from this hormonal dwarf who owes Barça his life… Lower everyone’s salary, but don’t touch mine or Suarez’s. I hope he stays indifferent, that’s the worst thing that could happen to him.”

In these conversations, the likely author of the leak is presumed to be Joan Laporta, who was still on the election campaign at the time.