Scandalous exercise that screwed up the USA! – Tunca Bengin

Turkey’of the Syria’His demeanor is very clear. Terrorist army, terrorist organization on the border, that is PKK/PYD/They don’t want the YPG. In this context, it has been at the table and on the field so far. “zone cleaning“He made extremely critical moves. A new one is possible at any time. Aware of this determination USAsupposedly to prevent this or TurkeyHe held a joint exercise with terrorists in order to intimidate . Recklessly, he also served up images of heavy weapons in the region. It’s despicable and provocative, but is it surprising? Both yes and no. because USA’li commanders, soldiers joint patrol with terrorists, american flag They are very eager and curious about giving cheek to cheek photos, arm in arm under. In this sense, there are many examples in the past. well US Central Command (CENTCOM) terrorist organization with PKK/YPG/PYD’of the “family photo albums” pretty loaded. Even before these photos Deir ez-Zor’located in the northwestern countryside of Desert of Abu HasebThere are also very colorful squares about how they are together in another joint exercise carried out in Turkey. Frankly, they do not hide these low and low relations, their togetherness, everything is open, moreover, they often express this with words of love or condolences. That’s why this joint exercise they did is not surprising and unexpected. But in terms of the place and timing chosen as the meeting point USA’how much of your consciousness The same cannot be said in terms of revealing that he lost. These scandalous images are endless USA It is also the mistake of confessing or documenting his guilt directly on his behalf. as follows; known recently TAF and MYTH with point operations SyriaHe did a lot of cleaning at the leader level of the terrorist organization in the north of . Nowadays Ankara with Sam The possibility and even timing of diplomatic talks between them is also discussed. Moscow trying to find a middle way, to establish a connection between the two countries. Even if it happens USAIt’s clear that ‘s will switch to baggage collection. Of course USAAnother situation that alarms the terrorist organization is its lover. PKK/YPG/On the one hand, the PYD Assad’a winking. Inside that Turkey’affected by the operational stability pressure exerted by the USAconducted such an exercise both in search of showing its support to the terrorist organization and not losing it to anyone else… However, he failed in a hurry and Turkey’In fact, he strengthened his hand in the operation to be carried out by the . because USA with terrorists Where is the location of the joint exercise with heavy weapons? Sirnakn Cizre across the county El Malikiye to our town’s border The area around Teqil Beqil Village, 4 kilometers away. well Turkey, 9 October 2019′in Syriastarted in the north of Operation Peace Spring during USA and Russia places that need to be cleared of terrorists and heavy weapons in accordance with separate agreements with Well, both countries Turkey from the area at a depth of 30 kilometers from the border PKK/YPG’They gave a guarantee that it would be withdrawn. And within 120 hours, that is, once every 5 days YPG/PKK’That there will be no terrorists. Since then, let alone 5 days, more than two years have passed, the terrorists are still there. Therefore, both Russia as well as USA’They were told to keep the promises you made all the time, and they were dismissing it with excuses such as ‘we did it, we’re doing it, what seems to be individual situations, don’t get too attached’. But now USA He made it very clear that he himself did not comply with the agreement he signed with this joint exercise with terrorists. Also with photos taken arm in arm with anti-tank guns, heavy weapons and terrorists. Turkey’He presented a lot of data in order to further strengthen the legitimacy of the navy in the determination of the operation.

in a nutshell what we say is that; USA no matter what he does Turkey’does not affect its stability. Because the possible operation that was discussed is exactly where we were. for the permanent eradication of terrorism. Idlibfrom Hakurkuntil, so Syria and Iraqincluding the north of Iranian It is a necessity to control the area up to the border. This Turkey for a direct survivability matter. That’s why today, if not tomorrow, it will eventually clean up the terrorists around here. Turkey…So there is no going back. Therefore USA in terms of from terrorist patronage The moment of decision in terms of giving up or not…


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