Scandalous Erdogan cover from German Stern magazine

Creation Date: January 26, 2023 07:43

After The Economist and Bloomberg, the German Stern magazine also used scandalous expressions in its analysis about the election to be held in Turkey. The magazine targeting President Erdoğan came out with the cover of ‘Kundakçı Erdoğan’.

After the British The Economist magazine, now the German Stern magazine appeared before its readers with a controversial cover.

The German magazine used scandalous expressions in its analysis of the election that will take place in Turkey.

Stern, who appeared before his readers with the cover of ‘Arsonist Erdogan’, published an article titled ‘Erdogan is unscrupulously fighting to stay in power: In his own country, in Syria and also in Germany’.

The article said, “It negotiates with Putin and the West, belittles NATO and starts a war in Syria.”

Underlining that Erdogan has appeared on the international stage, Stern commented, “But he has to fight relentlessly for power at home.”

Saying that ‘Erdogan holds many ropes from Ukraine to Syria and uses his power’, the German magazine included the following statements in the article;

‘Will Erdogan accept an electoral defeat? His party partner, the MHP, is so entrenched in the military and security forces that some experts speculate that he could stay in power despite the public’s preference to the contrary.’

After the scandalous action in Sweden, Erdoğan’s closing the NATO door to Sweden, a proposal came from Bloomberg, which drew a reaction.

Writing an article titled ‘NATO should not let Erdogan delay enlargement’, Bloomberg compared Turkey to a ‘country that is on the ups’ because of its demands from Sweden and Finland.

In the continuation of the article, which was called ‘NATO should put an end to this debate and accept its newest members unconditionally’, it was stated that President Erdogan was trying to get support from his nationalist base before the elections to be held in Turkey and did not take a step back.

Claiming that Turkey’s stubbornness also endangered Europe’s security, Bloomberg wrote that the USA and Europe had to resolve this deadlock and made the following assessment;

‘President Joe Biden should make it clear that while Turkey has the right to voice its concerns over Kurdish terrorism, the price of this is not to hinder efforts to strengthen NATO.’


It was noted that Turkey’s extradition requests from Sweden should be resolved between the two countries and should not be included in the NATO process, Bloomberg argued that NATO leaders should press Erdogan to approve the membership of the two countries before May 18.


If Erdogan resists, the US Congress will TurkeyIn the letter, which also called for Turkey to respond by stopping the sale of F-16s, it was noted that the options for limiting Turkey’s participation in the exercises, excluding Erdogan from NATO meetings, and even expelling Turkey from NATO should be on the table.


The post ended with the statement, ‘The message should be clear: an alliance member who knowingly harms the security of the group is never an ally’.