Saved the lives of more than 20 people

During the historic snowstorm in the USA, a New Yorker drove more than 20 victims to a school building to help them survive.

After the severe cold and snowstorm that affected most states of the country, interesting rescue stories began to emerge.

According to the Cheektowaga Police Department in New York’s Erie County, one of the areas hardest hit by the deadly storm, more than 20 people who were waiting for help in their car or on the street first gathered in their vehicle. Jay Witheythen saved them from freezing by carrying them to the Pine Hill schoolhouse, which he had entered by breaking the window.

The Cheektowaga Police Department, where the security alarm in the school building immediately sent a signal, watched the incident on December 23 from the security cameras of the school after the intensity of the search and rescue efforts had passed.

Police shared a search notice to thank you this time

The Cheektowaga Police Department asked anyone who knew or saw the person in question to notify the department that they were trying to reach a citizen named Jay Withey, whose social media accounts shared the video of the school’s video recording.

The police further shared the information that this person saved the lives of the people he saved from the storm by carrying them to school and left a letter of apology before leaving, for having to break the school window to get inside.

Cheektowaga Police, “We want to identify who Jay is and make sure his life-saving actions are known. Please help us find Jay” made his statement.

The police department said that they reached the hero of the incident hours after the first post, “With the help of friends and family, we found the amazing Jay! Our chef was able to talk to him and express our gratitude for his heroic act” announced in a statement.

There were dozens of thank-you comments under the police’s photo post on Twitter.

60 people died in the district

More than half of those who lost their lives due to snowstorms and freezing temperatures in the USA are residents of New York’s Erie county. According to information compiled from local sources, more than 60 people across the country lost their lives in accidents with their vehicles, freezing in the open air or having a heart attack.