Sanction retaliation from China to the USA… 2 US officials included in the list

USAto two Chinese officials serving in Tibet. sanction after taking the decision ChineseRetaliation came. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has decided to sanction Miles Maochun Yu, senior adviser to former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Todd Stein, Deputy Undersecretary of the Congress-Executive China Commission (CEEC). In the statement, it was reported that Todd Stein and Miles Yu Maochun, along with their family members, will be banned from entering China and all their assets in China will be frozen.

In the statement, it was also stated that the contacts of the US officials with persons or organizations in China would be prohibited, and it was reported that the sanction decision taken was in response to the sanction imposed on Chinese officials.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning urged the United States to withdraw sanctions, saying, “We are convinced that Tibetan affairs are purely an internal matter of China and that the United States has no right to interfere in it, and that China’s massive interference in internal affairs will be met with strong countermeasures by China.” “We would like to emphasize once again. We urge the United States to withdraw sanctions and stop interfering in Tibet’s affairs and China’s internal affairs.”

The Chinese-born Yu was one of the most important figures who played a role in reshaping Washington’s policy towards China under former US President Donald Trump. Stein, on the other hand, was responsible for the commission that prepared annual reports by monitoring the developments in the field of human rights and the rule of law in China.