Samsung launches Galaxy S23

South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics, the new series of smartphone technology Galaxy S23 USAoffered to its customers in the state of California.

According to the news of AA; The smartphone S23, which was showcased for the first time at the Samsung store in San Francisco, took its place on the shelves among the curious glances of customers.


The South Korean technology giant announced that the new version of the flagship Galaxy, which it offered for sale at a time when consumer demand decreased due to economic conditions, has a more advanced camera and game features.

Produced in three categories as Standard, Plus and Ultra, the cheapest of the Galaxy S23 phones will be sold at $799, $1000 and $1200, excluding tax, respectively.


The price of Samsung’s new model in Turkey has also been announced. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which has started to be pre-ordered 25,999 TL is the S23 Ultra’s It was determined as 48,999 TL.

While technology enthusiasts who stop by the Samsung store are content to only examine the samples on the shelves, orders can be delivered to buyers as of February 17.


One of the biggest features of the ultra model of the new product of the South Korean company, which has made many minor changes, is that it can display brighter and clearer in low light, and has an “adaptive pixel” sensor of 200 megapixels.

In the statement made by the company, it was shared that the smartphone is supported by a much faster processor than its own chipset, developed with Qualcomm and artificial intelligence technology, in order to take quality photos in low light with its latest series.

In addition, a video feature called “astro hyperlapse” has been added to the device with more battery life, which enables time-lapse footage, such as star movements.

On the other hand, while the company introduced the Galaxy Book3 laptop series together with the Galaxy S23, it was noted that there is a software that allows transferring files between the new laptop and the smartphone by dragging.