SADAT found the Mahdi on the ground that he was looking for in the sky.

You open your hands to the sky. Clouds are passing overhead. You compare some to flowers and some to humans. The wind scatters them all.

Adnan Oktar I realized that when his case started to be seen again. New documents entered the file. There was one… According to this, the Founder of SADAT Adnan Tanriverdiwas actually a witness to Oktar.

Yes, with Oktar “Our duty is to prepare an environment for the Mahdi” There is an intellectual partnership between Tanriverdi says. Yes, Tanriverdi’s statements were occasionally featured on Oktar’s television. But this time it’s a little different.


Oktar’s lawyer before the Istanbul 30th High Criminal Court on 25 May D.C. A petition has been submitted by In the subject section “One of the founders of SADAT, who served as the Chief Advisor to our President in the field of national security until January 2020. This is the presentation of retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi’s article reflecting his positive views about his client and his friends. he is writing.

It turns out that Adnan Tanriverdi wrote an article on his official website on November 24, 2005, promoting Oktar. This article has recently entered the court file as Tanriverdi’s support for Oktar.

Tanriverdi, Harun Yahya Using his pen name, he says that he met Oktar’s works in 1997, in his article that entered the file:

“This year (1997) was my first year of retirement. Our country was also going through a postmodern coup period (February 28). Through this work, I had the opportunity to look at the putschists more clearly. Therefore, the name Harun Yahya, the team behind it, or rather, ‘Science Research Foundation’ I sought opportunities to get to know the (BAV) team better. When you seek, you find. Brilliant, stylish and well-equipped young people appeared before me. Then I had the chance to get to know and evaluate them and Adnan Hocaefendi’s works over time.”


Tanriverdi, “Master” This is how he describes the process of searching and finding Oktar.

Just search and find?

Tanriverdi, organized by Oktar Darwin He also talks about the meetings, the Cyprus seminars and the work of the Islamic Union. Tanriverdi’s “I think they have effectively filled some important areas left blank by the Islamic section” We understand from his own words that he is a constant participant in the activities of Oktarcılar. It turns out that he was even in his publications. “I attended the first issue of the magazine with a humble article”, “I had the pleasure of participating in the introductory meeting of the first magazine” sentences betray Tanriverdi.

At the end of his long article in which he embellished Oktar, Tanrıverdi emphasized his loyalty to his teacher as follows:

“With the acquittal decisions given against them, we wish success to the Reverend Adnan Oktar Hocaefendi and his esteemed young litigants, who are understood to have been unfairly exposed to unfair judicial proceedings and the lynching of some purposeful media, in their endeavours, I hereby offer my heartfelt devotion.”

Lawyer D.Ç. demanded acquittal, saying that Tanrıverdi’s letter should be considered evidence in Oktar’s favor.


The story could end here…

However, what should I see, D.Ç., a young lawyer, was appointed as Oktar’s lawyer on the 26th of August, whatever happened. “On Demand” had left. The letter of resignation was also on file.

“What happened in two months?” Then another expression caught my eye. A former member of the Oktar group FCOn the same day, he was taken into custody by the police and became a confessor. The statements he gave told how the Oktarists have been going on in the last period. Here is a detail in that statement that I swallowed my small tongue when I read it:

“Istanbul Courthouse Judicial Safety Bureau Prosecutor, Mr. İ.Ç. I know that they still have a close and intense conversation with him. These conversations are mainly Eda Babuna and Meltem Daban is doing. In our phone conversations with Babuna and Daban on different dates, Prosecutor İ.Ç. He told me that he was convinced that they had told him that they were on good terms with him, that he believed they were innocent, and that he even made statements such as, I bet, you will be acquitted of this case.”


You will say that Prosecutor İ.Ç. and Oktar’s lawyer D.Ç. Is it just a surname similarity? Let me continue from the confession of F.K.:

“A female lawyer who is the niece of Prosecutor İ.Ç. Sinem MolallahasanogluI know that he started working in the law firm of . In fact, Eda Babuna and Meltem Daban told me that the female lawyer was very inexperienced, but they hired her in the office because she was the niece of the Prosecutor…”

From the continuation of the statement, it was stated that the suspicions of the police were determined by the Forensic Safety Prosecutor İ.Ç. It looks like he’s focused on it. Because I am reading the statements of Daban and Babuna, who were detained after the confessor F.K. Prosecutor İ.Ç. It seems like questions are being asked about it.

Worse still, the police suspect that the Oktarcılar may have entered the Forensic Escrow and interfered with the evidence against them. I’m looking through the newspaper archives. The words of Prosecutor İ.Ç, who once visited Adli Emanet with the press, catch my eye: “Escrow is the backbone of judgment. Can you imagine, a murder is committed, there is a gun or bullet that was used in the murder. Maybe that man will be acquitted when you destroy him. If someone goes missing, the investigation will be interrupted.”


Out of curiosity, I called the sources of the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. I asked whether Prosecutor İ.Ç. is still in the Adli Escrow. At the same time, he was dismissed from his post and sent to another department. So the pieces are complete.

Yesterday, at the time I was writing this article, the words of SADAT Founder Tanrıverdi were being read in the Oktar trial. The network of relations stretching from the Presidency to SADAT, from the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office to Adnan Oktar became astonishing when a petition was addressed. Self “Victim of February 28” It is understood that Tanriverdi, who introduces himself as a man who was actually retired by the decision of the MGK, sees the Mahdi he has been waiting for on Oktar’s face. Hey, get up and get up “28 February” Let’s ask those who say, can a general who is devoted to Adnan Oktar serve in the TAF today?

We not only gave Tanriverdi a task in the Palace, who was waiting for the Mahdi to descend from the sky, but also allowed him to shape the TAF. Our guilt is greater than the clouds. What can the blue sky do if it doesn’t get angry with us!