“Russia’s recognition of the results of the referendum means there is nothing to talk about with Putin”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the meeting on “Peace and Security in Ukraine” at the United Nations (UN) Security Council via online link.

Referring to the so-called referendums organized by Russia in Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk for accession to Russia, Zelenski compared the referendums to the annexation of Crimea and said, “Russia sees fake referendums as normal, annexing Ukrainian lands with the Crimean scenario. “The initiative means that there will be nothing to talk about with the President of Russia. Annexation is the movement that brought him against all humanity. Such a message is now needed from every country in the world.”


After the voting process completed in the evening, the vote counting started in all regions, while 98.42 percent of the people in Luhansk region, where 100 percent of the votes were counted, 87.5 percent of the people in Kherson and 93.11 percent of the people in Zaporizhia. He said “yes” to joining Russia.

According to the uncertain results in 3 regions in the Donbass Region, while the decision to join Russia was made, 56.85 percent of the vote count was completed in the Donetsk Region. In the votes counted in Donetsk, it was reported that 94.75 percent of the people said “yes” to the participation in Russia so far. The same result is expected in Donetsk as in the other 3 regions.