Russian pipeline hit, Europe plunged into complete darkness

The referendum in Ukraine has concluded. President of Russia today Putin, will announce the annexation of four provinces to Russia. But Ukrainians are very angry. President of Ukraine Zelensky, He said they would prepare for a new attack. But there was a much more dramatic development. The energy pipelines of Europe and Russia were bombed with a sabotage and rendered inoperable. There was no gas flow from these lines anyway, but maintenance would continue if Russia and Europe agreed. This possibility no longer exists forever. well “one hand”, He is doing everything to prolong this war.
here as everywhere “usual dubious USA” or currently in a proxy war his shooter is Ukraine. Russia’s no reason to bomb his own line none. The valves are already there. here of course “the silence of Europe under attack” very admirable. Europe for many years is plunged into a lasting darkness, and objections to it There is not a single country that can. Normally which should be considered an act of war or a war crime Europe ignores such a terrorist act. He prefers to come.
The 78-year-old president of the United States, who knitted all this on Europe’s head like a sock, Biden. Biden yesterday he again acted in a manner that made him question his sanity; While giving a speech, he addressed a deceased politician who has recently passed away. In another speech, he suggested vaccinating people against hurricanes. When you see whose word Europe is acting on and who is in control of America’s nuclear codes, it is really impossible not to worry about the world.


The clashes between the 6 visible and 2 invisible leg tables are getting more and more intense. The Chairman of the Good Party, who announced last week that his father is from the CHP, Meral Aksener, presidential candidate this week. “will be chosen someone” saying it should be Kilicdaroglu’targeted his candidacy. Unless the opposition can find a candidate “I wonder if President Erdogan is going to the election. Can’t we put it in” in dreams. FETO is a lie “Erdogan’s diploma none” Halk TV, which spread its rhetoric, became disgraced in its own broadcast. Acar is one of the guests of the program where opposition journalists are present. Rafael Sadi’was.

Sadi, Erdogan When he announced that he had been sitting in the same row with him at the university for 4 years, the situation that the broadcasters fell into became the subject of entertainment on social media. It took a few seconds for a lie that FETO had invented and the CHP to pounce on it like a carp. The host of the show couldn’t believe what he heard at first and felt the need to ask again. When he got the same answer, he had to change the subject hastily. We will hear such lies and slander a lot during the election process. Fortunately, the truth has a habit of coming out one day. Of course, FETO members will not be idle either. For every lie that comes out, they immediately tell a new one.