Russian Minister Lavrov cursed Ukraine leader

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke at the United Nations Security Council. Its target was the west, which once again stood against Russia in the Ukraine war. “The deliberate incitement of this conflict by the collective west also goes unpunished. They show their purpose. To prolong this war as much as possible in order to tire and weaken Russia. This policy means the direct involvement of western countries in the Ukraine conflict and makes them a party to it,” he said.

He spoke about the referendum they will hold in Ukraine. He referred to an interview in which Zelensky said, “I tell anyone who feels Russian to go to Russia.” “It seems to me that at the moment some parts of Ukraine have agreed to hold a referendum, which is a response to Zelensky’s request,” he said. Lavrov’s speech was rather harsh. So much so that he did not refrain from cursing the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

His Ukrainian counterpart Kuleba, who was at the same meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, reacted to Lavron’s words. “Russian diplomats are direct accomplices for their lies, incitement and cover-up. It seems that today Russia’s speech amid a flood of reactive lies is all that is available is inappropriate slang used by a foreign president to refer to the President of Ukraine. Today, Russian diplomats also have “I stated that he fled almost as well as the Russian soldiers,” he said.


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