Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that as Kiev delays negotiations, it will get harder to deal with Moscow.

Blaming Lavrov on Kiev

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that they did not reject negotiations with Ukraine, but that as Kiev delays it, the possibility of reaching an agreement with Moscow will become more difficult.

Lavrov made a statement in the program “Moscow.Kremlin.Putin” on the state channel Rossiya-1, Russia He stated that President Vladimir Putin talked about his country’s position in Ukraine during his meeting with State Duma officials and party leaders, the lower house of the Parliament.

Emphasizing that Russia does not reject negotiations with Ukraine, Lavrov said, “Putin said that those who reject the negotiations should understand that the longer they delay this process, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.” he said.

Recalling that the Kyiv administration stated that “negotiations can only take place after Ukraine’s victory and when Russia leaves Ukrainian territory,” Lavrov said, “They will be ready to talk by imposing their terms on us. They are actively supported and even pampered by London, Washington and Brussels on this issue. If this is their choice, we know how to achieve the goals set by Russian President Vladimir Putin within the framework of a special military operation.” he said.

Noting that two days after the agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations was reached in Istanbul, they still could not get any information from the West about the events in Bucha, Lavrov said that those who put all the blame on Russia did not give the names related to the allegations in the Russian army, just like in the Skripal incident.