Russian billionaire Abramovich buys giant club from Turkey

While Galatasaray’s former rifles Ünal Aysal, Faruk Süren and İnan Kıraç want the club to be sold to a foreign investor, a news from England is quite remarkable.

The Mirror claimed that Abramovic, who sold Chelsea, plans to choose Istanbul as his permanent residence and will buy the Turkish club.

According to the news signed by Colin Millar; Roman Abramovich’s new life as he weighs his return to football after leaving Chelsea… Russian businessman, former owner of Chelsea, is spending time in Istanbul, while allegations that he is open to investing in football once again continue. Considering buying a Turkish club, Abramovic plans to make Istanbul his permanent home.


Abramovich, who had to sell Chelsea after England’s sanctions against the Russian oligarch, carried four yachts with an estimated value of $ 1.2 billion in Istanbul, where he spent most of his time in recent months. The billionaire stops by a cafe near Rumeli Hisarı every morning and has a coffee there before taking a walk on the promenade.

Reports indicate that he plans to settle in the Bebek district. An extremely stylish and luxurious Istanbul district located within the administrative borders of Beşiktaş district, home to one of the giants of Turkish football.


There is no indication as to whether this is a clue about Abramovich’s future plans in football. But it is widely assumed that the oligarch is open to investing in a football club after leaving Chelsea earlier this year. Turkish football is full of historical clubs that host Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Istanbul Başakşehir in Istanbul.


Abramovich’s net worth is estimated to have dropped 41.6 percent this year after multiple sanctions against him and Russia. However, his net worth is still believed to be $10.5 billion.

The 56-year-old Russian holds Israeli and Portuguese citizenship and his net worth makes him the second richest person in Israel. The eleventh richest man in Russia and the richest person in Portugal.