Russian attack changed everything… Statement from Germany like a confession

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

While the war in Europe has been going on bloody for 11 months, the West is trying to align Russia with sanctions.

Finally, the agenda in Germany, which has decided to send tanks to Ukraine, is the words of Defense Minister Pistorius.

Germany, which radically increased its military spending after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, is hosting the conscription debate.

A new debate started after the country’s new Defense Minister Pistorius called the abolition of conscription a mistake and then announced that conscription could be reinstated.

Speaking to Süddeutsche Zeitung, Pistorius used the following statements;

“If you ask me as a civilian, a citizen, a politician, it was a mistake to suspend conscription,” he said. The junior partner of the government, the FDP, is clearly opposed to compulsory military service. Federal Finance Minister and FDP Chairman Christian Lindner said, “For the FDP, compulsory military service is not a subject of discussion. This is a fictitious discussion.’

Ukraine crisis, Second World It triggered armament in Germany, which had been in a pacifist trend since the Second World War. The German government and the main opposition parties have agreed to provide 100 billion euros to modernize the army… (Photo: AFP)

Stating that all efforts should be focused on strengthening the German Army as a highly professional army, Lindner drew attention to the problem of skilled workers in the economy.

Stating that in case of compulsory military service, a whole group will be kept away from education and considering the skilled worker shortage, this will cause ‘great damage’ in all economic sectors, Lindner said that the young generation has lost a lot in the epidemic and that no speculation should be made about a new compulsory service. told.


Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), Chairman of the Bundestag Defense Commission, told Süddeutsche Zeitung that if compulsory military service is reinstated, it will have serious economic and social consequences.

Stating that the shortage of qualified personnel will play an important role in decision-making, Zimmermann said, “In principle, the termination of compulsory service is only valid in times of peace. It can be reactivated in case of tension or defense,” he said.

But Zimmermann stressed that simply saying “Yes” or “No” would be too narrow a view.

Patrick Sensburg, President of the German Reserve Soldiers Association, told Welt that as an association, they have made a clear request for the reintroduction of conscription.

sensburg, GermanyEmphasizing that Turkey cannot be defended without compulsory military service, he argued that approximately 200 thousand soldiers and 100 thousand reserve soldiers would not be enough for an emergency.