Russia will give the remaining 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey; we will sell some of it to Europe

Turkish newspaper writer Necmettin Batrel, He claimed that Russia will give Turkey the 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas that it has not sold to Europe, and that Turkey will sell some of the gas to Europe.

Batırel, in today’s article, “Because Russia did not sell it to Europe and its warehouses are full, it will give the remaining 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey. We will use some of this gas at a discount and sell the rest to Europe. After food, we will be an energy bridge. Russia will make a big profit. If the USA takes a stand against this practice, it will face the EU. In addition, we will pay 25% of the natural gas we import from Russia in rubles, we will reduce the current account deficit by at least 5 billion dollars. ” used the phrase.

Batırel also said about the Central Bank’s decision to cut interest rates. “The interest rate has decreased, but the exchange rates have not increased excessively. Why? The dollar/TL tested its historical peak once. In fact, they brought the rate to this level on purpose, now they will sell it… The reserves of the Central Bank have reached 115 billion dollars. The market will soon have a lot of money as it was on 20 December 2021. I predict a big bomb will explode. This is entirely my personal expectation. 1-2 weeks are very critical. Say Gulf investments, say F-16 sales from the USA, say that wealth fund companies will be in great demand by Gulf countries, whatever you say, bigger than dollar the footsteps of the escape began to be heard” used the phrase.

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