Russia poll in Hungary: “People are against sanctions”

In Hungary, 97 percent of the respondents to the government survey are members of the European Union (EU). RussiaIt was reported that he was against the sanctions imposed on him.

According to the news of AA; In her statement, Hungarian Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkiralyi said that approximately 1 million 400 thousand people participated in the government’s survey on sanctions against Russia under the name of “National Consultation” on 14 October.

Szentkiralyi, who argued that the sanctions against Russia did not stop the war, but that they created extraordinary economic problems in Europe, noted that the Hungarians were especially opposed to the oil, natural gas and nuclear energy sanctions.

Stating that Hungary was the first country in the EU to ask the public about the sanctions, Szentkiralyi said, “97 percent of those who responded to the National Consultation reject the sanctions.” said.

The survey, organized by the government, included 7 questions about sanctions against Russia on oil, natural gas, raw materials, nuclear fuel and tourism.

Opposition parties accuse the government of spending billions of forints on false propaganda instead of taking responsibility while the economic crisis is raging in Hungary.

*The photo of the article was served by AP.