Russia cornered: Putin isn’t bluffing on nuclear weapons, EU says

The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrell, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats should be taken seriously.

Photo: AA

Borrell told the BBC that the war had reached a dangerous point: “The Russian army is cornered and it is very bad that Putin is reacting to it with the threat of nuclear weapons.”

Russia took action to annex 4 regions of Ukrainian territory in the last week and declared partial mobilization.

According to the news of BBC Turkish Borrell also said that a diplomatic solution must be found that will end the occupation in its seventh month and preserve Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty.

Borrell, without such a solution ‘Another war will break out’ defended his view. Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend his country.

‘You should take it seriously’

Borrell refer to this sentence “If people say they’re not bluffing, you should take it seriously” said. In the counter-offensive at the beginning of September, the Ukrainian army made significant gains, especially in the east of Kharkov city.

The country’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenski, declared that the size of the reclaimed land was eight thousand square kilometers.

Partial military mobilization declared in Russia