Russia announces withdrawal from Lyman, nuclear threat from Kadyrov

After Russia announced its annexation of Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army reported that it has completely surrounded the strategic city of Lyman in Donetsk today.

It was stated that almost all of the exit routes and supply routes from the Haidai city were cut off.

“5 thousand Russian soldiers besieged”

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Hayday also announced that nearly 5,000 Russian soldiers in the city of Lyman, located in the Donetsk region that Russia annexed, were surrounded by the Ukrainian army.


Russia officially announced that it was withdrawing from the town of Lyman in eastern Ukraine to prevent its troops from being captured by the Ukrainian army.

“In connection with the creation of the threat, allied troops withdrew from the settlement to more advantageous lines,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.


After Russia’s declaration of annexation, this step back was interpreted in the foreign press as “things are not going well for Russia”, while Chechnya President Kadyrov, who is known for his closeness to Putin, made a “nuclear” statement.

“Due to the lack of basic military logistics, we left several settlements and a piece of land today,” Kadyrov said in his Telegram message.

While blaming some commanders for the failure, Kadyrov offered to use nuclear weapons as a ‘solution’. “In my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law at the border and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons,” Kadyrov said.

* Images of the news are provided by the Associated Press.